Northern Lights

Objects Of Design #275: Aluminium Pendant

Aluminium pendant 7105 from Davey Lighting

Finishing off the month with a strong industrial feel is this aluminium pendant light from Davey Lighting. Its matt finish will work well in a kitchen and you can buy it with a light diffuser if you require a softer effect – perhaps over the table at the dining end of the room. Or line…

Objects Of Design #274: Harlequin Contour Table Lamp

harlequin's pop light in orange

Think of Harlequin and most of us tend to think of wallpaper, but the company has just produced its first range of lighting in collaboration with Elstead Lighting. This table lamp is classic in shape but the ridges on the base and the touch of metallic give it a really contemporary feel. In addition to…

Objects Of Design #273: Crystal Bulb

Lee Broom's crystal bulb

We couldn’t let a whole month of lighting go past without including Lee Broom’s stunning crystal bulb. This simple idea turns an everyday (often ugly) object into a thing of beauty. The design on the bulb casts a pretty glow over the surrounding wall and creates an intimate atmosphere perfect for a bedroom. The bulb…

Objects Of Design #272: Turn Light

Caroline Olsson's Turn light

Norwegian designer Caroline Olssen was inspired by the old wooden workbenches that are often used in her country. This starkly simple lamp can be brightened or dimmed by turning the chunky wooden handle on the side. It’s made from birch and mouth-blown glass and has a wonderfully opaque quality when not on.  

Objects Of Design #271: Moooi Lolita Lamp

moooi pendant lolita lamp

Look at this pretty little lamp. Even if it wasn’t called Lolita you would still think there was something of the coquette about her. I love these muted chalky colours and you can choose from either the pendant, table or floor lamp. Mooi is Dutch for beautiful. The extra O was added to signify  extra…

Objects Of Design #270: Damsel Fly

damsel fly linear weighs 10kg

How pretty is this? Not that long ago it seems it was impossible to find wall lights that weren’t either really old fashioned or looked like they belonged in the pub. How times have changed. These are made from solid brass with a glass drop inserted into them. Now obviously they are for ambience rather…

Objects Of Design #269: Tall Pineapple Lamp

Tall pineapple light from Graham and Green

There is something very elegant about a tall table lamp. And when it comes in silver with a neutral shade it is very pleasing indeed. And when you add to that a pineapple shape, it truly becomes an object to covet. I have one very similar to this, but sadly without the pineapple, and, while…

Objects Of Design #268: Balloon Lamp

Haoshi balloon lamp

When I saw this light for the first time, I practically called the electrician on the spot. I almost can’t describe how much I want it, but like the picture, I need to have three. On the landing outside the secret door. Three of those lights would look wonderful there don’t you think? There’s a…

Objects Of Design #267: Grand Paris Light

grand paris glass pendant light

This light is aptly named because you can easily imagine it hanging over a little red and white checked tablecloth in a dark (and formerly smoky) bistro in Paris. The kind I have been to many a time …. But, I digress – this is not the place for those stories – it’s glass enough…

Objects Of Design #266: Science Light

Steuart Padwick science light

Inspired by those stands in science labs that are used for holding lights, flasks and, most importantly, vials, this light is a new take on the angled desk lamp. The flex is braided silk and, if this shade is a little too industrial for your tastes, you can buy it with a plain cotton one.…