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Metal Magazine Rack


Now I don’t know if my magazine habit is a particularly bad one. I may, in fact, be no better or worse than you. I mean I have a large coffee table, which, although it is mainly used as a repository for coffee table books (part of the job description) and glasses of wine (an…

Cuckoo Clock


I do like a new take on an old theme and you don’t get much more old school than the cuckoo clock. This gorgeous grey number is from Cox and Cox and it has just arrived in stock. It’s a Taiwanese design and, in addition to the traditional cuckoo, there is another bird that comes with…

Mad About . . . Lampshades

Someone once said that pendant lighting is like earrings for the home. When everything is painted and dressed with your furniture and possessions, it’s time for the finishing touches. With that in mind, Mad About The House brings you lampshades. Not just for ceilings but for tables and tasklights too.   RACHEL POWELL VENEER SHADES…

Johnny Egg: The Furniture Designer Launches Our New Competition

Johnny Egg has never had a day’s training in his life. Yet his furniture is stocked in the prestigious London store, Heals, and has featured in numerous glossy magazines. He has never advertised his wares, but works constantly as new clients approach him, rather than him having to seek them out. As he puts it, he…

Objects Of Design #91: Ammonite Water Feature

A well chosen water feature will add interest

Many water features look a little cliched but this is modern and unusual and will add a sculptural feel to your garden or patio. Comes in two sizes and, unless you are putting it in a pond, you will need to buy the reservoir to go with it. www.primrose.co.uk £299.50