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Seletti Outdoor Shower

outdoor shower by seletti.jpg

I’ve given up trying to schedule posts to go with the weather, but it’s July, it’s officially summer and if it’s not hot today then it will be tomorrow. Maybe. Anyway, weather schmeather, this was just too much fun not to share. It’s a copper outdoor shower by Seletti and it costs £159. You just…

Striped picnic blankets and cushions

grey striped garden cushions from nordic house

It’s been nearly a week of sunshine (not that I’m counting or anything) and operation fantasy garden is in full swing. I’ve found the perfect elegant lounging chair, some great accessories for eating outside and now this gorgeous quilted picnic blanket and cool striped cushions. I’m not one for bright colours and florals so it’s…

Garden Lounge Chair

metal lounge chair garden

I hardly dare think it, let alone write it, but perhaps, just perhaps it is time to think that summer might be around the corner. There is blue sky with fluffy white clouds, there is a yellow orb peeking shyly out from behind them and the lawn definitely needs mowing. This metal lounge chair is…

Mad About … Outdoor Living Rooms


There is something almost unbearably romantic about an outdoor living room. Perhaps it is just the promise of a summer so long and hot that you don’t need to worry about the rain ruining the furniture. Perhaps it is simply that in the UK, the summers are neither long enough not dry enough to warrant…

Objects Of Design #91: Ammonite Water Feature

A well chosen water feature will add interest

Many water features look a little cliched but this is modern and unusual and will add a sculptural feel to your garden or patio. Comes in two sizes and, unless you are putting it in a pond, you will need to buy the reservoir to go with it. www.primrose.co.uk £299.50  

How To Spring Clean The Garden

from scotscapelivingwalls.net

It’s the bank holiday and it’s time to get out into the garden now. With any luck by the time of reading this, if not writing it, the sun will have poked its head through the clouds and decided to stay out. The snow will have vanished from Scotland and thoughts will have turned, if…