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Ten Beautiful Rooms

5th January 2015
the flackstudio in Melbourne via

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flackstudio in Melbourne

And so to the first Beautiful Rooms post of 2015. And, I suspect, the first real day back in the office for many of us so, given that we’ve managed to haul ourselves out of bed, get showered, dressed and out of the house, it’s probably time for a little break right about now.

lindsey adelman lights via

lindsey adelman lights via

These images are mainly very clean and uncluttered because I suspect that is how we would all like to feel at this time of year. That doesn’t mean we do but it’s a constant January aspiration.

Alila Villas Soori, Bali, Indonesia

Alila Villas Soori, Bali, Indonesia

It’s all part of my resolution to have only things that I love and need at home. To wit: we spent a happy couple of hours clearing out kitchen cupboards yesterday and creating a large pile of unwanted crockery and kitchen gadgets to take to the charity shop.

Found on

Found on

It may be that no-one else wants it either but then again, a set of eight white Ikea plates are perfectly useful. It’s just we have eight similar ones already and we don’t need 16. Frankly if that many people ever come to dinner it’s paper plates all round. I’m not doing that much washing up for anyone.

dark grey walls via the chromologist

dark grey walls via the chromologist

Of course things can’t be clean and white all the time and into every house a little drama should be welcomed. So there’s my old favourite; the dark walls and the brass lamp. I’m seriously considering adding panelling to my sitting room this year.



And perhaps a splash of cosiness with these soft pink accents in the linen bedding and that gorgeous wall below. Pale pink is the perfect modern neutral.


gradient lamp by studio wm via

Of course, I doubt very much that I will actually panel my walls. I don’t live in a Georgian house and it’s perhaps a bit fake for my Victorian terrace but I like this idea shown below: painting up to the dado rail but not actually bothering with the dado rail itself. Somehow it looks a whole lot more modern.

Having said that, if you have a dado rail in situ it does still look pretty good in the picture below doesn’t it. Although I know from experience that trying to recreate that old Parisian bistro look on the walls – that actually comes from years of smoke, steam and people leaning – is well nigh impossible.

Of course a leather daybed and an Arne Jacobsen swan chair wouldn’t go amiss either. Or a pair of these, which I spotted the other day and find I am now dreaming about…


photo by britt ambridge for domino via

Right then break over, back to work with you. I’ll see you here tomorrow. Same time. Interesting little homewares gadget and accessory for you …


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  • Dani H 5th January 2015 at 7:21 am

    Fabulous post to start off the new year! Especially love the furniture in the final photograph.

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