Beautiful Rooms To Start The Week

image via liberty london
Here we are in October already. I know it's a cliche of aging that time seems to speed up but someone said the other day that September had lasted about 10 minutes - in contrast to January which - as everyone knows - lasts nearly a year. But here we are, it's officially Autumn and

Sweet Treats from Little Greene Paint

Little Greene Sweet Treats Madeleine
As I may have mentioned once or twice before at the start of the summer I pushed myself out of my comfort zone to have a go on the world's fastest Zip Wire. All that needs to be said here is that I have done it. I have no need to do it again. However,

My Kitchen Reveal

Welcome to the new look blog and to celebrate a tour of my new kitchen. The blog hasn't changed much but it's just had a

Five Beautiful Rooms

Back into familar routines at last and it's our regular post of beautiful rooms to get the week off to a good start. I'm assuming

The Househunter: Muted Victorian Elegance

Welcome back to the regular househunter slot after last week's Italian extravagance. That said, there were lots of inquiries so fingers crossed we will be visiting that at some point in the future. But for now we're back on more familiar ground with this pretty Victorian house in London. And the reason I wanted to

AUGUST POSTCARDS: Clever ways with paint

Taking this moment to reshare some of the painting ideas for Italy as there have been a couple of updates since I posted this. I will be sharing the full journey so far on Wednesday for those who haven't seen what has been going on. And, all things being well, by the time the blog