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10 Best Plant Pots

8th June 2017
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I’m not sure quite why it has taken my so long to get round to this one. All anyone seems to be talking about is bringing plants into our interiors – either real or fake – and for that to work well we need to focus on the pots we are putting them in. To that end this month’s 10 Best is all about the pots. You’ve read about the best faux plants, now here’s what to put them in to show them off.


from £6 to £20

The Future Kept

uashmama metallic paper bag plant pot from the future kept

uashmama metallic paper bag plant pot from the future kept

Let’s start with the unusual one. The paper bag as plant pot. Except that obviously it’s not just any paper bag, it’s a washable Japanese one. They’re made from some form of cellulose fibre that is eco-friendly, feels like leather, washes like fabric and flattens for easy storage. What’s not to like? Use for plants, utensils or even your lunch. This site also sells them in rucksacks and handbags.


from £58


brass and wooden plant stand from homeplace

brass and wooden plant stand from homeplace

Sticking with the metallic but this time going for a proper plant stand. This is very mid-century in feel but also means that if you have a small plant but you want it to have a bit more presence you can put it in this to show it off a bit more.



cox and cox

fluted zinc planter from cox and cox

fluted zinc planter from cox and cox

These are pictured as outside pots but if you’ve got room indoors and brass isn’t your thing then these would work just as well inside. Perfect for a kitchen or any room with a slightly more industrial feel.



Future & Found

standing plant box from future and found

standing plant box from future and found

Sticking with the plant stand as furniture theme, this one allows you to put several plants in to make a display. So think about this for a hall where there isn’t much space for furniture, but a narrow plant stand would bring some life and interest – only for those with light entrances obvs. If you had space this would also be great in a kitchen filled with herbs – perhaps standing at the end of an island so that it was easy to reach and cook.



Rowen and Wren

zinc table planter from rowen and wren

zinc table planter from rowen and wren

Now I don’t know about you but I love to have flowers on the kitchen table. The trouble is that as soon as anyone sits down to eat the flowers are immediately in the way. I’ve lost count of the number of dinner parties/suppers out I’ve been to where you’re constantly dodging the foliage to try and talk to the person opposite you. This is the answer. A long low planter than you can fill with greenery but it won’t try and join in the conversation. Also good for the above idea of filling with herbs which are also a bit lower than flowers by the time you’ve added the vase. There was a brass one as well but it seems to have sold out –  if that’s the one you want then you can always ask if they plan to restock.



Garden Trading

hanging terrarium glass planter from garden trading

hanging terrarium glass planter from garden trading

For those of you who haven’t got any more floor space to be filling with plants then it’s time to start using the walls. This glass terrarium would look great hanging in a group of three in the corner of a room. If you don’t have a pendant light in a sitting room for example, this would bring some height to the space and add interest at a different level from the furniture or pictures. It would also work in a narrow hall – it doesn’t have to be hung in the middle but you could hang three in a row a different heights from the ceiling but close to the wall. Or in the corner of a bathroom. Fewer regulations than for pendant lights in there too.


from £10

Really Well Made

flowerpot with saucer by hay for reallywellmade

flowerpot with saucer by hay for reallywellmade

A modern take on the traditional terracotta plant pot, this comes with a saucer which is vital to stop stains on worktops and floors. There are six sizes to choose from in either black or pale grey and you can mix and match your display as you please. I love these ones as they’re not fighting the greenery, but allow the sculptural quality of the leaves to take centre stage, which was surely the point.




blue ceramic planter from habitat

blue ceramic planter from habitat

This is shown outside – where it does look gorgeous with the pale pink flowers – but there’s no reason it wouldn’t work inside and given that blue is a colour that’s sneaking up fast on grey perhaps it is time for a little more colour after all. It does also come in yellow but those who read yesterday’s post on finding the perfect pasta bowl will know that I don’t do yellow. You can though. I’m aware it’s just me. Or is it?


from £14.95


boskke sky planter

boskke sky planter

Another brilliant space saving idea but this time the plants actually grow upside down thanks to some clever irrigation system which I don’t have the brain space for, but which means that no you won’t just water your own head if you install these in your house. Again, perfect for the indoor herb garden or over the table if you don’t have a pendant light there. Imagine instead a huge living green pendant.



Rockett St George 

I will survive plant pot from rockett st george

I will survive plant pot from rockett st george

Finally, if you read the post by this month’s guest blogger Jane Rockett Five Ways To Add Wow To A Room earlier this week, you will have learnt how she likes to do just that. To wow I would add wit, and this little plant pot just about sums it up. Even though this has been photographed with dried herbs in it. Use it for flowers or live plants and make yourself smile (or sing) every time you see it.

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  • Lizzie 8th June 2017 at 6:14 pm

    It’s like eating chips. I cannot have just one. I want them all!

  • Debbie 8th June 2017 at 11:16 am

    Thanks so much for this Kate, I have really been struggling to find attractive plant pots! When we were in NY recently, you couldn’t move for nice pots – I nearly bought a dozen from Urban Outfitters until I thought about my luggage allowance! There’s a real gap in the market, particularly at the more budget end.

  • Sue Luckin 8th June 2017 at 8:19 am

    So love your blog, Kate, you have made me giggle all morning thinking about watering my own head! Interesting selection but for me….. the pure simplicity of the Hay pots.

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