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365 Objects Of Design #18: Green Pan

18th March 2012
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Part of the Kitchen Essentials Series

These pans are great. Nice weight and easy to clean. In addition to that, they are coated in Thermalon, which is an eco alternative to non-stick and, interestingly, is stronger and can stand more heat than Teflon. The  (patented) non-stick coating is free from chemicals such as PTFE, has no silicon oil and is made with 60 per cent fewer CO2 emissions. Some of the pans in the range also come with a removeable rubber sleeve on the handle which means you can slide that off if you are cooking, say an omelette on the ring, and want to finish it off under the grill. One last point – no good for induction hobs.


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  • Sarah Selzer 19th March 2012 at 4:15 pm

    Hi, Sarah here from GreenPan. Really glad you like the TwinPan! Just wanted to point out that while this product is non-induction, we do have a few ranges that are induction-friendly e.g. Lima, Vienna and Stockholm. Details on http://www.green-pan.co.uk. Thanks!

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