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365 Objects Of Design #6: Salter 1200 CD Style Scale and Clock

6th March 2012
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Part of the Kitchen Essentials Series

I first came across these by chance but they are absolutely the best scales I have ever had. Firstly, it hangs on the wall, which frees up worktop space, which as we all know is vital in the kitchen, and by default, this means they don’t have to live in a cupboard and become annoying to take out when you want to use them. See, brilliant already.

So there it is hanging on the wall, being a clock. Useful. Then when you want to use it as scales, you clip off the silver disk and put it on the worktop in front of the LCD display, which remains on the wall and turns into a dial for the scales. Genius. It’s got the zero function so you can keep adding ingredients either into a bowl or straight onto the scale.


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