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Colour Psychology for Interiors

Kate Watson-Smyth take a look back at the colour psychology course she attended hosted by Sophie Robinson and Fiona Humberstone. Sophie's former Brighton open-plan apartment was an eclectic mix of colours, patterns and styles. #openplan #sophierobinson #madaboutthehouse
Following on from yesterday's post about how we react emotionally to colour I thought I would look back to the time I did Sophie Robinson's colour course. I found it completely fascinating and bang on and while I don't think she is running this exact course any more she has recently launched an online course

The Househunter: A colourful two bedroom apartment

This two bedroom apartment in the heart of the City of London is, says Historic England, an "unusual example in Britain of the German Expressionist style" and was  Grade II listed in 1990. It is also a blend of Art Deco architecture and Moroccan style interiors. But before you panic that there's a lot going

Monday Inspiration: How We React Emotionally To Colour

Journalist Kate Watson-Smyth looks at living with calming colours and how we react to them. A bold floral mural wallpaper has a calming and restful palette of green and pink is combined with an unexpected yellow cabinet for a modern touch. #madaboutthehouse #surfaceview #muralwallpaper
My colour psychology series has been one of the most popular on the blog over the last few years and as I'm still running through the spectrum I thought it would be timely to share this post with you again that talks about our emotional reaction to colour and if you like this then come

Biophilila, Colour Blocking Trends and Childhood Home Influences (Podcast Notes)

Kate Watson-Smyth and Sophie Robinson discuss colour blocking colour blocking, example by mosey home shown here, biophilia, childhood homes and design crimes on the Great Indoors podcast. #podcast #colourblocking #katewatsonsmyth #madaboutthehouse
Hello and Welcome to The Great Indoors... as it were. It's time for the second episode of this series and this time we spoke about Biophilia (which I wrote about in some detail recently, whether your childhood home influences your adult house and the new trend of colour blocking. You can, as ever, listen here

Dulux Colour of the Year 2018

Well you weren't expecting THIS were you? Last year we were all aghast when the 2017 colour of the year was Denim Drift. We had been expecting green. So we all knew it would be green this year. Except it isn't. Nor is it, as you might have been forgiven for thinking from looking at

Guest Post: Sophie Robinson On 5 Ways To Bring Colour Into Your Home

Television present Sophie Robinson proved to be one of the most popular guest bloggers in The Mad House with her 5 ways to bring colour into your home so I thought I'd share it with you again during this season of August updates. I'm delighted to introduce you all to Sophie Robinson, judge on The

Mad About … Teal – Dulux Colour of the Year 2014

teal/sea green via
Somewhere in among all the kerfuffle of the Pantone colour of the year (Radiant Orchid since you ask and let's never mention it again) an alternative was suggested by Dulux, which, possibly because it was announced last October, seems to have been rather overlooked. Dulux colour of the year teal The colour is teal, and,

Happiness At Home: A podcast special episode

my mantelpiece is a collection of family souvenirs and happy memories
Now this might be quite a timely - if long - post. We planned to focus on happiness at home for this episode of the podcast several weeks ago (well before all this) but it turns out that this might be just the thing for now. So today on The Great Indoors, Sophie and I

New Book Reviews and Minimalism v Maximalism (podcast notes)

Kate Watson-Smyth and Sophie Robinson review three new interior books, shown here on Kate's side table for the Great Indoors podcast. #podcast #thegreatindoors #madaboutthehouse
I spoke earlier in the week about how to revamp your home without spending any money (see previous post) as part of that new year feeling which is always such a big part of September. Another marker of the start of the season is the release of new interiors books. Sophie Robinson and I discussed

The Househunter: Room by Room

Earlier this week I went to a dinner at Habitat hosted by the television presenter and interior stylist Sophie Robinson, who was there to talk about about colour psychology and how most of us fall into four distinct seasonal personalities. That is to say that most of us will have one dominant season with elements

NEW POST: The Latest Interior Design Books Reviewed

from Phaidon's By Design, the world's best contemporary interior designers:Kit Kemp: Hyde Park Gate, private residence, London, UK, 2020. Picture credit: Simon Brown, courtesy of Firmdale Hotels
A new episode of our podcast, The Great Indoors, comes out today and we have discussed the huge fashan for rattan and how, as the saying goes, to make it really work for you in your home. I have been nervous of it until now as I have, in common with many others, tended to

Monday Inspiration: A drop of Green

bathroom by shrez at plum and crumble
And here we are again with a little bit of soothing green for a Monday. This is for all those who need to take a breath. Green is a calming, creative colour (I wrote about the psychology of it here) and as the school holidays start but the actual holidays don't seem to, it seemed

The Househunter: Room by Room

Proper lottery money this week as we get to have a look around this house which, apparently, belongs to the illusionist Derren Brown. It's a 19th century former print house that has been converted into a three bedroom property spread over five floors to include a cinema, artist's studio and two south-facing terraces. It's on

Beautiful Rooms: A splash of green

In this room the ceiling is gold which matches the French bed perfectly while the walls are a soft creamy pink. The wall behind the bed has been panelled to create the look of a giant bedhead while the freestanding wardrobe has been painted to match so the room looks cohesive and pretty. #greendecor #bedroom #madaboutthehouse
Green is all anyone is talking about at the moment; whether it's colour of the year, our impact on the planet or new paint ranges so I thought we would use that as excuse to look at some greenspiration today and perhaps if you are thinking of incorporating this colour into your space it might

10 Beautiful Rooms

image of @mizzknits tree via @comedowntothewoods
So we're still not quite there yet but it feels like the build-up has been going on for so long doesn't it? Imagine what it feels like if you're five. It must be unbearable. In that spirit I have decided not to show you 10 more beautiful Christmas rooms but to revisit some of my

Reveal: The Book: Mad About The House

Well it's here. Actually that's not true, it's at the printers but I can today, exclusively, reveal, the cover and you can, today, PRE-ORDER IF IT YOU WANT. OK I'll stop shouting. You don't have to. Well not until you've finished finding out a little more about from this post if you like. the book

The Pink Collection by Little Greene

little greene confetti and lamp black
confetti by little greene with lamp black I know I know, we were supposed to be on a break, and then these pictures came in and it seemed a shame not to show them to you. And, if you are spending the summer pondering a refurb then it's always good to have a few new