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wallpaper wraparound by fiona duke interiors
This week on the podcast Sophie interviews Russell Whitehead and Jordan Cluroe of the 2LG studio who are the new designers on that revamped 90s classic  Changing Rooms. Do they take it seriously? Do they think it's about design or entertainment? And what about that hair wall (google it)? Have a listen and see what

Liberty Reintroduces Wallpaper

wallpaper and fabric from the new Modern Collector range at Liberty London
Liberty is one of the most visited and iconic (and I don't use that word lightly) shops in the capital. Its huge beamed presence stands behind Oxford Street Tube station and if you haven't posted a picture of its distinctive floral displays are you even an Instagrammer? Now the store has reintroduced Liberty wallpaper to

Book Review: De Gournay Wallpaper and Scandi Rustic Interiors

St. Laurent designer Greg Natale photo Anson Smart
Suddenly there are new interiors books coming out every week after years of it being a massively unfashionable subject and it's becoming hard to keep up. Today I'm going to show you two books from either end of the spectrum - in a vain (probably laughable) attempt to try and keep all of the people

Publication Day, New Ways with Wallpaper and a Spring Retox

Kate Watson-Smyth and Sophie Robinson discuss the launch of Kate's 3rd book on the Great Indoors podcast #thegreatindoors #madaboutthehouse #interiorsbook
And it's Happy Publication day to me! Now I wrote all about the book last week so I won't go into it all again here but do follow the link if you would like to know more. And, of course, it's podcast day so if you would like to hear me chatting to Sophie about

New Shop Discovery: Wallpapers from Jupiter10

Kate Watson-Smyth selects the latest wallpaper collection by Jupiter10. The Lyon design features an oversized pink and black polka dot creating a modern alternative to a classic print. #wallpaper #geometric #madaboutthehouse
With all the current talk of maximalism elbowing those classic Scandinavian clean lines to one side, I was thrilled when I came across this wallpaper company which sells modernist designs in a riot of colour patterns which sort of marries the two ideas - lots of colour and pattern in geometric patterns. amsterdam wallpaper from

Wonderful Wallpapers With A Hidden Message

food babies in blossom wallpaper by poodle and blonde
Every now and then you come across something so brilliant that you can't stop thinking about it and you want to share it, so today I want to tell you about this fabulous wallpaper by Poodle and Blonde that I have been recommending to everyone since I saw it last week. I'm practically stopping people

Waterproof Wallpaper for Bathrooms

Yes you read that right. It's not about papering the walls of the bathroom (which you can absolutely do by the way) but about using wallpaper in the actual shower. I know! I wanted to tell you about this as part of my ongoing partnership with West One Bathrooms on the Wednesday Ad break. I

Design Classic versus Trend: The Original Beverley Hills Hotel Wallpaper

Beverley Hills Hotel wallpaper ©
Beverley Hills Hotel red carpet © Now I know some of you may feel that the tropical trend has gone on long enough and I might agree with you when it comes to pineapples and flamingoes but then there are the classics. And this is one of them. THE one perhaps. I wanted to write

2018: Year of Wallpaper

little greene asterid wallpaper
Don't panic but I think it's coming for us this year. I have been pondering the redecoration of the sitting room for some time now. But I can't think of a colour I love more than Down Pipe. I know it might be a bit ubiquitous and I know that the room has been this

Arcadia Mural Wallpaper

Now I don't know if I've mentioned this (cue snores) but I'm currently writing the second book. It's out next March if I haven't..... Anyway, one thing - by the way I've done 37,000 words out of 40,000 at this point (cue round of applause) - now where was I? Oh yes one thing my

Antique Mirrored Wallpaper

Cole and Son Albemarle Albery resembles antique mirror wallpaper
Cole and Son Albemarle Albery resembles antique mirror wallpaper Regular readers will know I have been exploring antique mirrors on the blog recently after featuring it in a 10 Beautiful Rooms post and showing it used as a kitchen splashback (you can see it and read a tutorial about how to make your own here).

Smink Things: Wallpaper and Tiles

Firstly can I say Welcome Back especially to those of you who noticed the blog had a sick spell over the weekend and was offline for 25 (loooooong) hours. We're back now, but I realise that those of you who subscribe (and may I just thank you for doing that and I hope you're still

Calico Wallpaper

I think I've found my next wallpaper. That's probably all I need to say. I could just sign off here and leave you with these images. It is Sunday after all. You're probably craving a little peace and quiet. I'll type quietly then, just while I tell you about it. It's made by a company

Persian Wallpapers by Mineheart

Those of you familiar with my house will have spotted that I have several Persian rugs dotted around my sitting room and under the kitchen table. Mine is a motley collection. Some I have borrowed (all right nicked) rom elderly relatives and some we have actually bought and paid for. We were lucky with the one

Whimsical Wallpaper from Cole & Son

I do love a touch of wit in a home. Something to raise a smile when you see it and, all the more so, when it's unexpected. That's why this new wallpaper from Cole & Son is so cool. I love the idea that these two cats (who are called Paddy and Louis by the

Objects of Design: Columbia Road Wallpaper

columbia road wallpaper in gold
columbia road wallpaper in gold, image from As you know I can never resist a good wallpaper and this, from custhom, is a good wallpaper. It's made in Britain and handfinished, but perhaps the best thing about it is that the pattern is non-repeating. the wallpaper is available from cavalierofinn and costs £35 a

Mad About … Anaglypta Wallpaper

painted embossed wallpaper via Inge Zelewitz on pinterest
Sit down and take a deep breath because it's true; textured wallpaper is making a comeback. alfred navy blue anaglypta wallpaper Galling when I think I painstakingly stripped off about nine layers of the stuff in my last house less than ten years ago but that was then. Now it's back and before you realise

New Wallpapers from Little Greene

Broad Stripe paper by Little Greene A little treat for you today as I have snagged the latest photos from Little Greene showing their new wallpaper collection, which will be released in January 2015. Elephant Stripe styled by Sally Denning. For this, the company's eighth collection, they have once again turned to the archives for

Liberty Fabrics and Wallpapers

I have to say I have never really thought of myself as a Liberty kinda gal. I mean I adore the shop and the furniture department is one of my favourite places to browse about. Well, including the shoes and bags bit as well, if I'm honest. But the material? Well I've always thought it