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A new mattress from made.com

24th November 2015

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Last week I was invited by made.com to road test their latest product launch. The company has designed a mattress. It’s called the ONE and I spent a night with it last week. And, I have to tell you, it might just be the one.

The mattress is made from three layers; one of memory foam to mould to your body, a thick layer of gel to make sure you don’t get too hot or too cold, and then a cushioning layer of reflex foam for a firm base, that’s not too hard either.

We bought a new mattress earlier this year  and spent a long time lying down and testing various options in the shop. Apparently many of us choose a mattress that is too hard for our weight. That means that it ends up fighting our bodies as we lie completely on the top rather than sinking slightly in and being supported along the full length of our spines. You can work this out from trial and error but basically you should feel some give under your hips when you lie on your side. I have had a sore shoulder for a few months (it’s getting better now thank you) and our old mattress was too firm so that my shoulder didn’t go into the bed at all but was forced to stay on top, which, in turn, threw my neck out.

mattress from made

When lying on your back, you should also be able to slide your hand under the small of your back. If you can’t the mattress is too soft. I was told that, for most of us, an orthpaedic mattress is too firm. It’s better to go for a medium one with a decent layer of cushioning.

But you should also consider what position you tend to sleep in. Side and back sleepers need a softer surface to keep their spine straight and provide cushioning to the hips and shoulders. If you sleep on your stomach, you should have a slightly firmer mattress to keep your spine properly aligned.

this grey bedroom

It is all quite complicated yes, but I can report that I spent a very happy night with the one. It was firm, but not too firm, soft but not too soft and bouncy but not too bouncy. Help me, I’ve turned into Goldilocks.

Now for the technical details; I know many of you will worry that as made.com is mainly an online retailer how will you be able to tell if the ONE is right for you? Well apparently like a mini Scheherazade in 1001 Nights, you can test it for 101 nights and if it’s not right after that, they will collect it and give you your money back.


Prices start at £349 for a single rising to £699 for a Super King. You can find out more at made.com/one/

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