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Abigail Ahern’s Collection for Sofa.com

9th October 2014
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Ooh look a charcoal velvet sofa. But this isn’t just any charcoal velvet sofa. No, it’s an Abigail Ahern charcoal velvet sofa. Oh yes. As the owner of a different, erm, charcoal velvet sofa, I thought you would like to see this one by everyone’s favourite mistress of the dark. She worked with sofa.com to produce this collection which includes this sofa (called Abigail), a swivel chair and two upholstered bench seats.

By Graham Atkins Hughes

You can, of course, choose any material you like. But when you’ve seen it in these combinations why would you swap? Dressed like this the sofa, which is Hudson, Roosevelt Velvet, costs £1,810.


The footstool, otherwise known as Maud, is £255 in this gorgeous dusky rose colour. Abigail said she wanted luxurious fabrics, attention to detail and that “the collection should be visually gorgeous but supremely comfortable and swoonworthy.”


By Jove I think she’s done it. What do you think?

These pictures were taken by Graham Atkins Hughes and please, if you pin then can you not delete those details.



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