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AUGUST POSTCARDS: All About Window Treatments – blinds, curtains and voiles

23rd August 2021
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  • Bonnie Foster Abel 24th August 2021 at 2:02 pm

    Hi Kate,
    I have three tall windows in my loft conversion. Two of which are windows, and the third is now a pair of French doors.
    These are all south facing and set inside a stone wall. The solution I have to provide privacy and yet let in the natural light is to have two roller muslin roller blinds per window set inside deep window frames. One fitted at the top of the window, the second from a mid point. The blinds can be adjusted a bit to let in more or less light from the top, bottom, or middle. These were custom made by an Arts and Crafts textile artist in the U.S. and mounted on wooden rollers. I had initially contacted a U.K. company for this purpose. The issue for them was twofold: shipping to Canada and no warranty outside of the U.K. My blinds have been in place for not quite a year and a half. The U.S. blinds (and the U.K. company) were still expensive in terms of custom work, shipping and duty tax. In hindsight I think the cost is justified in the finished product. It is a daily delight to wake up every day to see these blinds. I especially enjoy my view of the night sky. Etsy proved a great source for finding a U.K. machinist who made pencil thin stainless steel pulls for the blinds. Both companies use a sizing agent on the fabric, but neither uses chemicals. If you would like the name of either of the companies I contacted, I am happy to provide this information. I am not sure if it is permissible to post the names here.

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