August Updates: The Househunter

This is another great house that was marketed earlier this year. Come in and remind yourself of its fabulous kitchen.

What about this then. Now I’m pretty sure you will like this and it’s £695,000 via The Modern House. Exactly – quite the bargain, comparatively speaking at least.

It’s a five bedroom house, near Stroud, that was originally built for a cloth merchant and is now two semi detached houses. It has recently been refurbished by Niki Turner.


The kitchen / dining room is a huge double-height space that formerly served as the house’s billiard hall. There is also a mezzanine study area above the kitchen. This is so turning into my ideal house…


The rooms are spacious, the features are all gorgeous and frankly there’s nothing to add apart from perhaps a rug in the sitting room below.


Do we need a quibble? Probably – if only to console ourselves that we’re not going to be able to live in it. Well, two of the bedrooms are pretty tiny. But then if you’ve got lots of living space that’s less of an issue. There’s also a conservatory and a ground floor studio space with skylights.


The first floor has three of the bedrooms, the largest of which is the master, and a family bathroom, pictured below, where you can see the bespoke fittings, formed from copper piping, which were designed by Turner.


Add to basket anyone? Race you to the checkout…

Kate Watson-Smyth

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  1. Love this house the first time around – it would make a fab getaway from the city. Of course, I would also need to buy the Ilse Crawford apartment in the city that you also featured. I will keep dreaming. Have a great weekend all.

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