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Autumn Styling With La Redoute

10th November 2021
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Autumn truly is my season and while I work with La Redoute all year round there is nothing like a collection of warm yellows, burnt oranges, soft pinks with a splash of still vibrant green to lift the spirits. I have also noticed that this year, for the first time ever, I can go several days without wearing black in favour of the colours of Autumn. So for today’s post, in collaboration with La Redoute, I styled three spaces in the wonderful Bourne + Hollingsworth building in east London.

Now I have provided links where possible but do bear in mind this job was planned a few weeks ago, large companies often have rapid turnover of products and we all know the current two large reasons for disruption to the supply chain so with that in mind…..

The first look I put together was around this fireplace and this two seater faux leather sofa is great for small spaces or perhaps if you have room in a bedroom. The arms are wide enough to rest a cup of coffee/glass of wine – delete as appropriate for the time of day, and you can dress and soften it with throws.

My current obsession with checks shows no sign of abating and I loved this checked wool blanket (100 per cent wool and made in Spain).

alply checked wool blanket from la redoute

alpy checked wool blanket from la redoute

I’m also a fan of a round coffee table if you can – rooms are naturally full of straight lines and introducing some curves and more organic shapes is a great way to soften that and, especially at this time of year, make it all feel more cosy. Also, and this might be personal to me, I really like dark wood so if you haven’t managed to wrestle a vintage piece from your Granny, then a modern dark piece looks better and more characterful than pale wood. This is made from walnut which has a lovely warm pinky tone to it.

Now the yellow lamp does appear to be out of stock but this one is lovely (*whispers* might even prefer it) and do have a wander round for other things.

magosia coffee table with la redoute bedding

La Redoute is known for its huge range of textiles and the company’s bedding and rugs are always a good starting point. You can find plains in cotton and linen, stripes, checks and graphic designs as wells as florals blousy and ditsy. You need to make a cup of coffee and find a bit of time and wander round the collection.

There is also a large rug collection. One style that has been coming through over the last couple of years is carved. Often plain (but multi-coloured ones do exist) this is a great way to bring in lots of texture without adding too much pattern, which, if you have pattern already on the bed or with lots of cushions, you may not want to do. It can be a more restrained look but one that has interest.

malko oval wool rug from la redoute

malko wool rug from la redoute

This one is wool and is large – 200 by 290cm so it will fit under a dining room table but make sure your chairs can fit fully on it when someone is sitting at the table because it’s quite thick and the chair will tilt if it’s half on or off. If the sizing doesn’t work for you there then it’s also great in a bedroom or perhaps under a desk where it can zone a working space apart from the rest of the room.

I also know you’re all shouting at the very idea of a cream rug under a table – maybe these people drink milk and eat spaghetti carbonara. What I do know is that when my son had a black carpet he seem to spill only pale things and the dust really showed up, his brother, now in that room, has a pale cream carpet and seems to throw dark (never white) paint and spill tea and dark drinks on a regular basis. You will not win at this. If spilled food is your concern you need a patterned rug. La Redoute has plenty!

accessories from la redoute

One way to change rooms for the seasons is with the accessories. Cushion covers can fold up small and don’t take up much storage space and you can swap them back when the seasons change – we do it with clothes after all. But changing your lighting can also work well. We need more electric light at this time of year so bringing in a new table lamp or lighting a dark corner can make a room feel much cosier. In summer, when you might not need it you can replace it with a vase of flowers.  Refreshing a room doesn’t always involve paint and a full set of new furniture.

The final area I styled was this corner. Any spare time I have will usually find me curled up on a chair reading a book – even more so at this time of year. I love this pink armchair  but the quilted one above has room enough for you and the cat. Pistachio green is an unusual colour but it works well with autumnal tones and the rug takes that pale shade and uses it in darker versions which creates a tonal and more layered look. The curved bookcase would work well in a bedroom or sitting room as a great drinks cabinet or just to show off your favourite objects. There is also a double version as well as a lower sideboard. See above for why curves are good.

sofa from la redoute

So there you have a few of my highlights. The joy of a seasonal refresh is that you can spend as much or as little as you like – a couple of candlesticks and a new picture right up to a change of furniture. These are the pieces I liked that I have chosen not just for the season but also because I think they would last for a long time either restyled with new objects or throws or put away for a few months of the year and brought out when you feel like a change.

la redoute styling

Finally, if you’re looking for presents (for any reason!) I love this David Bowie word print – on the mantelpiece above is a David Bowie Life on Mars, which comes framed or unframed. There’s also a Fleetwood Mac one too. But, as you can imagine, the choices are huge so you’ll have to see what has meaning for you. There are some great pictures if you take the time to go through.

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  • Catherine 10th November 2021 at 1:43 pm

    Thanks Kate. Am I the only one who finds the Le Redoute website almost impossible to navigate and too overwhelming? So you styling up individual pieces is very welcome!

  • Jenny 10th November 2021 at 11:52 am

    Actually, I am also looking for a furniture piece for my place. And, I think this is best piece that can enhance the beauty of my place. I love to decorate my place and get antiques from various different places. Thank you for sharing this information with us.

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