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Even if you’ve got the space for a dedicated spare room, the chances are it has to double or triple up as a playroom, office, laundry, place-for-all-that-junk-you-never-got-round-to-finding-a-home-for. Which means that most of us haven’t got room to have a bed sitting there waiting for a guest to just drop by.

So we come to sofa beds. Here are some good-looking examples. Some single. Some double. Some expensive. Some less so. Here they are – in no particular order.




this softline sofa bed converts into a double

 Designed by Busk + Hertzog for the Danish label Softline, this converts into a double sleeping bed and the rolled bolster slides back slightly to provide a bed head that you could lean against for reading. This one is elegant in both seating and sleeping forms, which is not always the case.




It’s a single but a very stylish one. The legs are covered in material and it comes in silver too.

Made sources its products direct from the makers so cuts out the middleman (ie the high street) and brings you well designed piece at good prices. As the owner of two of their Benedict chairs, I can vouch for the quality as well. This sofa bed comes in a variety of colours, including very on trend metallic silver and gold. But there’s also black and grey and cream if you need something a bit safer. Be aware that this is only a single bed though and there are no plans to release it as a double so if your guests come in pairs you might need to think again.



Karlstad sofa bed with Zinc Grey Belgian linen cover from Bemz.

This is a fantastic sized three seater that could comfortably sit a family of four to watch a film, if your spareroom is able to double up as a telly or games room. Hard to see on the picture but this is covered in Korndal dark grey, which has a pleasing waffly texture to it and stops it looking too “office” even though it’s grey. Prices vary according to the material you choose of course. There is space under the seat cushions for storage and a duvet and the shape is pleasingly modern.



modern sofa bed

This is just a beautiful-looking sofa bed that is funky, contemporary and would really make a statement of a spareroom, which is, let’s be honest, often the room where the interior decor ideas run out. Of course, if this is too jazzy there are plainer fabrics available. Talk to the company, they’re very friendly and and there are some other great designs too.



this modern sofa bed will be comfortable for sitting and sleeping

If you’re looking to spend more than a couple of nights on a sofa bed, then you need to spend some money. This is great-looking (a tall order in the world of sofa beds) and has a sprung mattress so it’s really comfortable too. In fact, the Italian export manager of the company (Vibieffe Italy) apparently doesn’t even own a proper bed so comfortable are these. And if it’s good enough for her  . . . you know where I’m going with that.



choose fabric and colour

Another great-looking and comfortable sofa bed. This one comes in a variety of sizes (and prices)  from two to four seater and you can have it covered in leather too if you wish. Living Space is a large site (with three London showrooms) and there’s plenty of other stuff to browse through too from home office to children’s stuff.



The base features two cushions that can be adjusted independently into a reclined or full sofa bed position.

You probably never will fold it out individually like this but it’s perhaps useful to know that you could. My guess is that someone will inevitably want to fold it out like this to watch telly and will then fall asleep anyway!





churchill sofa bed from loveyourhome
churchill sofa bed from loveyourhome

A classic sofa design that has soft  back cushioning and a pocket sprung mattress which ensures a great nights sleep.T ake off the seat cushions, stick them behind the sofa and unfold the bed mechanism to reveal the English Double Width Mattress 140 by 186cm. Designed for everyday use.


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