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Black and White Jungle Wall Chart

24th October 2017
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I have been looking at this black and white jungle image for months now and there’s something about it that I just keep coming back to. Maybe it’s the monochrome. Maybe it’s the size 154cm x 154cm but whatever it is I could definitely find a space for this in The Mad House.

It would look great in the loft on an exposed brick wall, in a bathroom – it’s on canvas so there is no glass to steam up – and especially if you had some real greenery, or faux, to contrast with it. Or in a bedroom for you to dream of faraway places as you recover from the daily horror of the commuter grind. Unless you live in the depths of the country in which case you’d prefer a tasteful city skyline?

It’s from Abode Living and costs £69 which includes the wooden hangers. Dashing in and out this week as it’s half term, but also planning interviews with Tom Dyckhoff, formerly of The Great Interior Design Challenge, for next week. He’s writing a new book on the concept of home and it’s fascinating as well as organising a long awaited guest post from the lady herself –  Kelly Hoppen.

Hope you’re having a good half term, working week, day. Whatever it is I hope it’s going well.

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  • Fiona Duke 29th October 2017 at 5:39 pm

    it reminds me of a black and white version of the illustrations by Maurice Sendak of ‘Where the Wilds Things Are’ fame……..
    loved that book – maybe you did too and subconsciously that’s why you are being drawn to it…..?

  • Katie 24th October 2017 at 9:04 pm

    It’s similar to the plates from M&S you liked c

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