Brass Bar Cart

As the summer hasn’t really materialised and the holidays are now nearly over, I thought we should revisit this fabulous bar cart today. It’s such a great piece and perfect the time of year. After all, who needs to sit in the garden with a glass of chilled rosé (sob) when you could be curled up in front of the fire clutching a negroni and browsing cashmere throws and cushions.

brass bar cart from Abigail Ahern
brass bar cart from Abigail Ahern

By this stage of the season I had hoped to be bringing you pictures of a fabulous barbecue ( I have one up my sleeve, just wait), the perfect summer lounger, a gorgeous hammock, you know the sort of thing. But alas (and alack come to that), I am sitting here in a pair of boots and a long-sleeved top and the sky is heavy with cloud.

But, instead of being stressed and miserable about this, I have decided to bring the party inside. Who cares if we are watching tennis in the rain, browsing the sales for macs and gazing ruefully at the unworn pretty sandals? Who needs to be outside? Inside is better. It’s both dry and warm and you can wear sandals.

In honour of this incation (sort of like a staycation but in the house only as the garden is a quagmire) I am bringing you this fabulous bar cart (or drinks trolley depending on which side of the Atlantic you reside). Who needs charred meat when you can serve drinks from this beauty.

You know I love a trolley, and this one’s a good’un. It’s from Abigail Ahern, who has just opened a new, and bigger, shop so you can probably go and see it in person if you want. If not, it’s online and it’s just waiting to be filled with fabulous glassware and Aperol Spritz. Happy Summer.

Cheer up, the nights are drawing in now, and this will be even better as it twinkles with the light from the flames of your open fire.


Kate Watson-Smyth

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  1. Hello Kate, Loved the bar kart! While its Winter here(I am based out of South Africa!), I was thinking the bar kart need not wait for summers! Unfortunately I do not have the store here, but since i liked it so much, I am thinking of making a similar one myself! (I keep doing DIY stuff – you can visit my site ). Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. laughing to myself imaging that you’ve got loads of ‘summer love’ blog posts up your sleeve just bursting to be released…waiting for those sunny days… but as June passes and we venture into July my confidence of ever seeing them is worryingly waining !!!

    may just treat myself to AA’s bar cart, fill it up with delights and wake up in September !!!


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