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Podcast Notes: All About Soft Furnishings and Planning A Dining Space

bedroom at the dean hotel dublin
For the fourth episode in the series we went to Dublin for a live recording so it made sense to talk about using hotels as inspiration as well as how to choose and match - or clash - your soft furnishings and finally planning the dining room - or for most of us the dining

Object of Design: Curved Chest of Drawers

vivien 6 drawer dresser from westelm
When I started writing this blog, way back in 2012 - which is about 100 years ago in internet terms - I decided that one of the best ways to guard against giving up was to write every single day. In order to do that I needed a series; something that would give me a

10 of the best Wall Lights

hand wall lights by mucknbrass £70
As promised last week, today we're going to look at wall lights, which are perfect for those who are low of ceiling or short of space for table lamps. Wall lamps have had a bad rap in recent years as they tend to be associated with twee country cottages, and were often either wrought iron

10 Of The Best Coat Hooks

Since January is all about all boring stuff like dieting and detoxing and not eating this and not eating, that I thought it would be fun to show you some cool things that needn't be expensive so you can perhaps have a little treat that won't cost calories but fits with the general mood of

Podcast Notes: Series 2 Episode 1

office in a cupboard by 2lg studio
And we're back. Series II of The Great Indoors launched this morning and, as usual, here are some notes to what we talked about with any relevant links to help you. In this episode we discussed January Decluttering, the return of Chintz and How to Plan the Home Office. New Year Decluttering Always a popular

Mad About The House in 2019

Happy New Year to you all. It’s perhaps a little late to be writing this but it’s the first proper new post of the year so it seemed like the right thing to say. my office at mad about the house I start the year, as I so often do, in reflective mood. Wither blogs

Christmas Gift Guide: Home Office

the loft studio at
And so to the final gift guide for the season and possibly my favourite one of all - the home office. This is partly because I'm a stationery geek but also because it's the one room where you really might use all of the products everyday and, by doing so, be more productive. bento box

Christmas Gift Guide Room by Room: bedroom and bathroom

Yesterday might have been a Christmas free zone when it came to appearances but the day is approaching inexorablyso there may still be shopping to be done. Today it's the turn of the bedroom and the bathroom, both of which are basically an excuse to put together presents that are all about comfort and relaxing

Christmas Gift Guide Room by Room: The Kitchen

faux fern from rockett st george at kws
Now we better get one thing clear before we start on this room. Christmas is about buying things for people that they might want or like but wouldn't necessarily buy for themselves. And that doesn't mean hoovers, or mops or, even, oven gloves - and you know who you are and you know you are

Seasonal Picks from La Redoute

seasonal picks from la redoute
Good Morning and welcome to the Wednesday slot. This week I have collaborated with La Redoute to show you some of the things I discovered and loved on their site. As many of you know, I have worked with this French company before - styling a shoot for them -  and this time they asked

Christmas Gift Guide: Room by Room – The Sitting Room

sitting room at
sitting room at It's time to dive in and start thinking about Christmas presents that work in this room. As I explained the other day this can be for the person who spends most time in this room or the person who enjoys the activities that may happen in this room. It's a starting

Five Best Folding Chairs

flapps folding chair by ambivalenz
Because sometimes, at this time of year, you might have extra people round the dining table. Or the odd unexpected guest. Or you normally have only two people at the table and suddenly there are six. And who's got room to store chairs all over the place? In the past I've had them doubling up

New Collection by Anna Jacobs Art and New Podcast

It's that time again - episode four of The Great Indoors has launched. This one is a little different as it was recorded in front of a live studio audience, which was both terrifying and great fun. I hope you will like it. It will be back to normal for the following episodes - one

Forget the Leopard Print Trend it’s all about the Zebra now

Now I don't know about you but I think this leopard print thing is out of hand. I went to a dinner a couple of weeks ago and out of the first five people I met I was the only one NOT wearing any. It's all over coats and boots, dresses and skirts. There's not

Five Clever Decorating Hacks You Need To Know

washi tape decor image by andrew jonathan design
Now regular readers will know that I'm not really one for DIY. I'm more of a ASETDI (ask someone else to do it) but that's not to say that I don't come across clever ideas for maximising small spaces or improving the look of the ones you have with a neat idea, so today I

My First Shop Design and An Important Cause: Dress For Success

A few months ago I showed you how I decorated my first show flat and today I want to show you my first shop - although actually it's less about the decor and more about the brand behind it. Earlier this summer I was approached by a PR company and asked if I would like

The Danes Love Colour After All

autumn/winter 18 by BoConcept
Some years ago - when this blog was just a fledgling - I wrote a piece for The Financial Times about whether good design makes you happy. It was based largely around the Danish interior style of minimal furniture, pared back design and muted colours. The pictures were, as you might expect, largely pale and

Modern Classic from Pinch Design

avery bar stool by pinch design
We have been speaking recently about easy pieces to update your home with the seasons and ringing the changes with pots of paint and so on, but sometimes it's about finding something really special. An investment piece that you know you will love for ever and that can last a lifetime. So today I wanted

Five Easy Pieces: Get Cosy

Right it's that time of year. The heating is on - albeit sporadically - but the fire is lit and the socks are definitely out of the cupboard. So today I thought I would create a fictional cosy corner where you can imagine snuggling up with a book and a packet of biscuits. pink velvet

Re-Use Re-Cycle Re-Upholster or How I Saved My Old Sofa

Well that was a turn-up wasn't it? I've never seen to many of you so riled and fired up before. On the other hand, it was lovely to see so many of you commenting and joining in the debate. As I said in a couple of comments, that lamp definitely sums up all the trends