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Christmas Gift Guide Room by Room: The Kitchen

6th December 2018

Now we better get one thing clear before we start on this room. Christmas is about buying things for people that they might want or like but wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves. And that doesn’t mean hoovers, or mops or, even, oven gloves – and you know who you are and you know you are now divorced so you won’t be making that mistake again will you….

faux fern from rockett st george at kws madabouthehouse.com

So with that in mind it’s even more key that if this is your chosen room to focus on that you buy things are are very William Morris – beautiful and useful. Take that cup (no 1) below. I don’t drink tea. I don’t like it, but that mug with its tea strainer is so pretty I could convert. Even a toaster, if it’s the Smeg Dolce e Gabbana or this can be a thing of beauty, and if it gives pleasure to the user every day then why not? Team it with a plate, a mug, some really good jam and a linen napkin and I would be very happy.

And for God’s sake if you are buying an apron – even if it is as pretty as this (no2) then think around it a bit. Is it an apron in the pocket of which is a card with details of a booking at an amazing restaurant? Probably better had be. Is it a jug that comes with a case of wine and a set of great glasses? A coffee machine with all the accoutrements and that includes biscuits and a plate to put them on.

So that tray (no 11) is leather. It will go with that pretty reading rabbit mug (no 10) which means you might need a book (no 9) and perhaps you could make a little hamper of storage cupboard ingredients to go with it. Or a set of the most amazing post-it notes you have ever seen and a good pen.

There’s no question that you have to tread carefully in this space, but equally if your giftee likes to cook and spend time in this room then there’s no shortage of ways to spend money in a way that will delight even the most cynical of hearts. Just make sure it’s food and love-based and not remotely cleaning orientated.


Now before you jump to the links for the pictures above I wanted to share a couple of other guides with you that I think are full of good ideas so Melanie Lissack has done 50 under £50 and Lisa Dawson has done 30 under £30 (and hers are all from independent stores). Drop in next week when I will be looking at the bathroom and the bedroom – cue pampering, relaxing and gorgeous things for everyone.

Here are the links for the things pictured:

1 Mr and Mrs Tea Strainer with mug (and, indeed anything from this site Such & Such)

2 Pink Jelly and Cake apron from Thornback & Peel

3 Gluggle jug from Graham & Green

4 Fein bottle opener from Indish

5 Recycled glass tumbler from Rowen & Wren

6 Kinto coffee dripper at Selfridges

7 Leaf plate from Arket – we have three of these in different sizes

8 F**king Strong Coffee from Firebox (the 17yo bought me this last year and it’s good coffee)

9 Simple by Ottolenghi – we have this and have cooked lots from it

10 Reading bunny mug from Hammade

11 Black leather tray from H&M Home

12 Everyday jug by Emma Lacey 

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  • Annie 12th December 2018 at 12:36 pm

    Rather late to this but LOVING your suggestions. Apron and a restaurant reservation – yes please!

  • Sandra Wigg 6th December 2018 at 10:27 am

    Well, I’m feeling smug. Just bought F***ing Strong Coffee yesterday for my friend who likes coffee and dropping the odd F-bomb. Glad to hear the coffee is also good, and not just a gimmick for its title. Also bought Ottolenghi’s Simple for my niece who’s just moved into first ‘proper’ flat with boyfriend. I bought it a couple of months ago and am loving it.

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