Colourblock Vases

January. The s0-called Dry month when you’re not supposed to drink, or eat or shop. Or anything that helps those long dark days pass. Hang that I say. On the other hand we’re all so broke that it’s not really a good time to be splashing the cash.

But sometimes you just want a little something to cheer yourself up. Or to cheer up a little dark corner of a room. In my twenties I would buy a new top to wear out on a Friday night, these days I might spend the same amount of money but to dress my house not my body.

I spotted these colourblock vases in my ramblings round the internet the other day and I just thought they were gorgeous. Thirty quid for a little treat that you can fill with flowers or greenery from the garden, or just have sitting on a table bringing a little cheer.


My local florist sells jam jars of flowers for around £10 and I have started to buy them on a regular basis as a little treat for the kitchen table. They last for ages as they look just as pretty when they have dried. This has, however, made me realise that all my vases are glass. All of them. So you see the stems and the gently discolouring water. So that gives me another excuse to buy these vases.

And if these are too bright for you – obviously I like the black, white and pink one best, then what about these? Great in a group of three even without anything in them.

Totem vases from westelm

Dry January Schmanuary. How’s that working out for you?


Kate Watson-Smyth

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  1. What a lovely find. As you say its nice to have something different in the house, I, like yourself seem to have an influx in clear glass vases! Although I am currently looking into adding more silver to my collection. I have found some very interesting and ornate Victorian vases, that i think will look stunning with a nice bouquet.

  2. Moved into a new house before Thanksgiving, then came Christmas, and now just really getting down to business of furnishing our new place especially since the old stuff doesn’t quite fit or fill it in. So the money is splashing around for sure. 😐 But it’s fun. Your blog has been indispensable advice, thanks!

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