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Sideboards are tricky things for some reason. I know so many people who want them and so many people who can’t find the right thing for their space. This one dropped into my inbox yesterday so I thought I would share it straight away in case it fits any of your bills.


As you know I’m a huge fan of Superfront who make fronts, handles and legs for IKEA cabinets allowing you to customise your kitchens in a way that’s perfect for you. I have their leather strap handles on my kitchen cupboards for example.


Yesterday, the company launched its lastest design: Delirium (and I’m trying to resist jokes about how it feels much more restrained and Swedish than the British idea of delirium) the point being that for the first time it is a more free flowing pattern rather than the more rigid repetitive designs we have seen up until now.

Or, as Mick Born, one of Superfront’s founders, says: “This time we wanted to try something more freely and fuzzy.”


They have teamed up with Klas Ernflo, a Swedish artist who I discovered literally five minutes ago (when I read the press release) and who I can confidently tell you is brilliant! Monica Born, Superfront’s other co-founder, says: “His designs tend to be surreal, like something out of our subconscious and once we got to see his proposals we were very excited.”

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 12.49.34

Klas said he had designed the pattern to be both elegant and playful; the fact that it is the same colour as the doors gives it the former but, seen closely, the random patterns adds the latter element.

“I can picture it in an eclectic Milan home from the 1950s but also in a sleek contemporary home.” he says.


So, you know the drill. First you pick your cabinet (s) then you choose your colour and handles and then you pick a pattern. Delirium can wend its way across all the doors or part of them. It comes in heights of 64cm and 128cm, in several different widths and is sold ready made in sets of one, two, three or four.

It will be available from August so you’ve got time to work out what you want.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 12.49.57

What do you think?

Kate Watson-Smyth

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  1. Love it – I also recommend Superfront a lot and can see adding the new pattern to the roster of things I wish I had in my own home but can get vicarious pleasure out of putting into other people’s homes !

  2. I think they are lovely and a great alternative to the mid century “antiques” that are becoming a bit too ubiquitous. But the Superfront website says they will only ship handles and legs to the UK. Maybe we’ll have to do a MadAbout road trip with a lorry….

    1. First of all – thank you Kate for writing about Delirium! We are so happy you like it! Second to you Ali Wride; We have recently made some updates on the Superfront website which unfortunately can cause some technical issues for customers who have visited our website before the updates were made.

      Try the following steps to solve the problem:

      1. Clear the cookies in your browser and try again – are you still experiencing the same problem?

      2. Try to choose another country in the left column and then switch back to the country that you are purchasing from – are you still experiencing the same problem?

      3. If the two first options are without success try to visit in incognito mode (Under settings in your browser you could choose incognito mode). Try delete your cookies from the page and you’ll find that you are able to buy the whole range of products.

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