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14th March 2018

Some of you might remember that I have been working with Alternative Flooring for a while now. Their wonderful Dotty Damson is draped up my stairs and is the first thing I see when I enter the house. I have had it now for nearly eight years and still love it as much as the day it went down. Or should that be up?

dotty damson by alternative flooring image by James Balston

dotty damson by alternative flooring image by James Balston

So yes Dotty has been here for ages and about two years ago  Alternative Flooring asked me to work with them on their Make Me a Rug service. Enid and I made a video for them  – see below. Well I say Enid and I. I did all the work and as usual she strolls in at the end and steals the show.

zebo rug from alternative flooring image by Paul Craig

zebo rug from alternative flooring image by Paul Craig 

Anyway, as part of their ongoing campaign, Alternative Flooring asked me to create a new rug ( I know, I get it, sometimes this job is unbelievably tough) and, as luck would have it, the 17yo was about to move rooms.

This was part of a whole Tetris-like room shifting upstairs which was mostly about getting the 14yo out of his tiny messy room and giving him a bit more space to study/make a mess in. I know, I’m not quite sure what we were thinking either.

alternative flooring wool pebble stade carpet with stripe border

alternative flooring wool pebble stade carpet with stripe border

But anyway the 17yo agreed to move out of his room (to the bigger spare room) to allow the 14yo in his medium-sized room leaving the tiny bedroom to be a tiny spare room. This had all been negotiated and discussed with UN-like rules and diplomacy. The 17yo was on board. It was time to tell the 14yo.

“No,” he said. “I won’t move. I like this small room, it is mine and I won’t leave.”

“As you were,” I said to the 17yo. “No need to move after all.”

“No,” he said. “I have agreed to move. I am moving. I want that room.”

pebble stade wool rug from alternative flooring

pebble stade wool rug from alternative flooring

So here we are. The 14yo is staying put. I have a whole new spare room to decorate (can’t say I’m devastated) and the 17yo is moving rooms. Which meant he needed a new rug. The one that has been in there for the last eight years is a piece of grey carpet that I had edged in neon pink. It looked great. There was a bright pink fireplace too. Both those things have had to go.

I showed the 17yo the Alternative Flooring website. I showed him all the wonderful patterns and colours and designs. For that is the joy of the Make Me A Rug service – you can choose something that might be quite terrifying as a wall to wall carpet but if you turn it into a rug with a more sober edging you can really make a statement.

grey rug fro alternative flooring in a teenager's room

grey rug from alternative flooring in a teenager’s room

“Wurl,” said the 17yo thoughtfully. “I really like plain grey.  I am not really into all this pattern.

There was some sniffing and silent teeth gnashing at this point. And not just from him. We discussed it rationally. I discussed it irrationally. He was immoveable. In the end we reached a compromise – more UN-level negotiations required. Seriously if this blogging lark falls apart I should be a shoe-in.

make me a rug pebble stade with striped border

make me a rug pebble stade with striped border

The compromise was, as you can see: grey. But it’s a richly textured plain grey with a patterned (well all right striped) border. We are both happy. Although as a teenage boy I suspect he is slightly happier with the new yellow trainers bought ostensibly for his recent birthday, but with half an eye on this shot.

And Enid? Well she seems to be reasonably comfortable.

grey cat on grey rug by

Enid seems comfortable on the new grey rug from alternative flooring

If you would like to make you a rug – either a flamboyant statement for yourself or a more sober option for someone else then here is the link. And what would I have if I were choosing again for myself? Well for a bedroom how about a bit of Quirky B Capello shell with a gunmetal border, or perhaps, and I like this even more, some Ashley Hicks Daisy Gerbera with a liquorice border. That is what would be in there now if the choice had been mine.

alternative flooring make me a rug

rug from alternative flooring ashley hicks daisy gerbera with liquorice border

And here is my video if you’re stuck on the bus and you’ve nothing else to do!

This blog was sponsored by Alternative Flooring as part of their Rug Stars Campaign. Keep an eye out for Sophie Robinson and designer Margo Selby.

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  • Anna 15th March 2018 at 1:12 pm

    I have discovered that we subliminally influence our young. When they get to make choices about their rooms they seem to go for what we like as far as quality is concerned but are perhaps a tad conservative.

    Love the 17 year old’s room and what he has chosen including the footwear!

  • Karen 14th March 2018 at 8:13 pm

    Brilliant idea! Definitely keep this one in mind for my next DIY room makeover.

    Great double act with Enid ☺

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