365 Objects Of Design #16: Naifu D67 Knife

Part of the Kitchen Essentials Series

This is possibly my favourite kitchen knife in the drawer. Well it’s certainly tying with the ceramic one from last week anyway. The handle is slightly rubbery, which makes it fantastically comfortable to hold and it’s just the right weight.  It’s Japanese and each blade is honed by hand giving it that slightly marbled appearance.

For those of you who like the technical stuff – legend has it that a special kind of steel was used in ancient times for knives and swords. Supposedly sharper than anything else, it came from Damascus, hence the name Damascus, or D67. The Japanese used similar techniques to forge their Samurai swords and with a little modern technology you have the Naifu. They certainly seem to stay sharper than any other knives I have used and I do (ssh whisper it softly) put them in the dishwasher.

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Kate Watson-Smyth

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  1. Had the New York set for 9 months now.WOW..Much better than Wusthof or Global.Dubious at first but I can’t fault them in any way,edge,weight,variety,durability even the sharpener works perfectly.Deserve to be better known.

    1. I have one Global, one Wusthof and one Naifu and I really like it too. I also have one Robert Welch which is worth checking out. Really like the handle. Cuts well too, I should probably add!

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