Design Storey Shop is Open

And it’s live. I am loosely calling it a shop but Design Storey is more of an all round platform with collections of the best of the high street, styling tips and links to blog posts helping you to make the most of your space.

The Sitting Room in Design Storey Shop

As I mentioned in the launch post – when you saw the homepage but weren’t allowed through the virtual doors (!) the idea is that you visit the relevant room and have a look through the items that are there. So in the sitting room you will find sofas, tables, rugs and lighting.

In the office there are desks and task lamps with some storage that is suitable for the WFH space.

See the office collections at Design Storey Shop

But, of course, some of us wanting so called dining chairs for our desks, and table lamps instead of task lamps so if you don’t see what you want in the room you can always go into the complete collection and look there.

There will never be more than 50 items per collection, ten on a page, five pages, so you don’t have to worry about setting filters because it won’t take you that long to sift through. Also, I find filters can be a) glitchy and b) you can rule out something you might have liked because you rejected it on principle. You might think you want a brass desk lamp but while you look through you fall head over heels for a gorgeous table light that would work perfectly and really make your space sing. This way you won’t miss the chance of a coup de foudre.

you can always look at the complete collection at

In addition to all that, I have sprinkled design tips throughout the pages because I thought it would be fun and useful (as opposed to beautiful and useful although clearly hoping for that too. And finally you will find links to useful blog posts culled from the last nine years of The Mad House. Long-standing readers will have read them before but, for others, they will be new and of course there is always that thing where discount something because it’s not relevant at that precise moment you are reading it but three months later you need to know it.

There is a whole section devoted to accessories at

So for that reason I have included posts on everything from which paint to use and how to get the lighting right to the importance of buying vintage (that will be coming to the site soon) and how to make your home support your well-being.

There is, in short and I hope, plenty to get your teeth into.

lighting is divided into floor, ceiling, wall as well as task and table at

And that’s before I add that each piece on the site comes with a short description about why it has been included, how you might style it and why you might want that particular item over a different one.

visit the bathroom at for the 50 best pieces

When it comes to bathrooms and kids rooms I have created only one collection of the 50 best. This seemed, for the moment, the best way to round up these two rooms although there is, obviously room for expansion down the line. There will never be more than 50 items in these rooms but as the shops change their range so things will drop and be added to this basic collection. That way it remains fresh and you will see new things.

But there may be micro collections within – 10 best nursery rugs, 15 best mini desks etc.

the kids room at has the 50 pieces for their rooms

Finally, a word about how it works. It’s an affliliate system so rather than it being an actual shop it’s more of a platform that takes you to the shop itself. Essentially, if you like an item having seen the picture and read the description, and you click on it you will be taken to the store where you can buy it. The link shows that you came from Design Storey and, if you buy it I receive a small commission. If you click and don’t buy I don’t. It’s that simple and there’s no obligation on your part, nor does the cost change.

the bedroom at has everything from beds and bedding to lighting, rugs and storage

As a final point, there is a weekly newsletter which will include more design tips, new uploads to the site, ideas on room styling, links to the blog and exclusive reader offers. This month there is 20 per cent of Bisley office furniture, which has just created a new collection – conceived during the first lockdown and built in their Welsh factory – for small spaces. You can sign up to the newsletter here and it will land on Saturday mornings. If it doesn’t turn up do check your spam folders as things can end up in there.

I hope you will like it and find it useful. I was thrilled with a five page spread in the The Telegraph magazine at the weekend, which I have linked to although there is a pay wall (you can have a free trial).

Design Storey Shop  featured in The Telegraph magazine

And it also appeared in The Times too:

Design Storey Shop as featured in The Times

And if you do Instagram you can follow @designstoreyshop here:

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  1. So happy for you and all of your positively delighted customers! (I am in a land far far away sadly)…I am cheering for your success from the USA. The site looks fab!!!! Adore how simple you have made it to shop well and for items that will last…plus the color choices are fantastic! xoxo pam

  2. Love the site, found many things to add to my wish list. Extremely easy to navigate and nicely edited.

  3. Kate – this is really fantastic and you must have worked very hard to pull it all together. It looks beautiful and works brilliantly too. Can’t wait to sit down with it later! Congratulations. I feel very lucky to be benefitting from your wisdom and advice! X

  4. Hi Kate,

    Thank you for this website, its simple, really easy to navigate and it looks lovely. I have just found the sofa of my dreams….now just to convince my hubby! It has saved me trawling through images and then finding suppliers. Can you advise which of your books is best for information about colour?

  5. Congratulations! Your new shop is special. And it already responds to my request a few weeks ago for specific suggestions of lighting. You even list one of the ones I bought: the corner wall light by Houseof, although I got the one in charcoal. Best wishes – just hope you’re not too busy to keep doing your blog!

  6. Hi Kate, this website is great. Its easy to use and looks fabulous. I have just found the sofa of my dreams….now I just need to convince my hubby! Please can you recommend which of your books covers colour the best.

  7. I have to say congratulations on your new website. It is a great idea and will be very helpful in giving people ideas for their interior decor.

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