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Over the last seven years of writing this blog I have been privileged to work with several companies writing about their products and styling their furniture. One that I have collaborated with on several occasions and we now have something of an ongoing partnership is La Redoute.

dining room for la redoute styled by kate watson-smyth of

While I have known about this French company for more years than I care to recall, I was a relative latecomer to their homeware range.

But having found it, it’s one of the first places I look for new seasonal pieces. While I don’t buy much furniture as my house is full of the stuff – increasingly vintage or inherited (by which I mean removed from my mother’s house in a way that some – harsh – people might call polite thievery) I’m always keen to change up a cushion or two or add a new throw to the mix. I’m also on an ongoing quest to find the right rug for the loft.

la redoute living styled by Kate Watson-Smyth of

La Redoute has a huge range of all of these soft furnishings which are both good quality and good prices. I own a few of their velvet and linen cushions and this season they have added corduroy and tassels to the mix.

Many of you will be familiar with the AWFAW rug that launched its own Instagram account and while leopard may have been the print of the season, I have always preferred the more elegant, monochrome zebra. Black and white stripes go with everything from vintage to modern, floral to Persian and I can always find a space for them.

kate watson-smyth of styling for la redoute

In addition, as I have said many times before, black and white is the perfect basis for a colour scheme as you can accessorise with any colour you like and change the whole look with a different accent.

Corduroy is yet to hit the mainstream but, along with the rest of the 1970s (suddenly no longer the decade that taste forgot but the most fashionable thing we can ever remember seeing. Ever) is on its way back and these pink cushions which I used in the dining space are an inexpensive way to nod to a trend without feeling you are having to fully commit. Change the season, change the colour and the room will look fresh again.

la redoute living styled by Kate Watson-Smyth of

Those cushions also worked really well with the rattan in the living area because, as you will know if you have been paying attention – and probably if you haven’t – rattan is the other big interiors story at the moment.

Keep it summery with lots of plants; La Redoute has launched a huge collection this season, and then warm it up with these cushions and the earthy tones that work brilliantly in both summer and winter – rattan for now, velvet for later.

la redoute living styled by Kate Watson-Smyth of

Also new is the lighting range. It’s vast, as you would expect, and I particularly loved this bee lamp.

Finally, the ceramics – from plates and tableware to vases and pots are also great. There’s a lot to look at but it will be worth it. I particularly like the earthenware green plates.

dining room for la redoute styled by kate watson-smyth of

I worked with Alex Stedman, of The Frugality, on this campaign and she styled a bedroom and work area. This is her lovely bedroom space. To see my full edit with links to the pieces I used you can click here.(updated now working).

bedroom area for la redoute styled by Alex Stedman of The Frugality


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  1. Thanks for this Heads-Up ! I love their clothes – and they have the LONG sheets IN 100% cotton which are great for my European mattresses.
    But I haven’t looked at their website for a long time so I’ll pop over there right now.
    Thank you

  2. As a fairly new Interior Stylist I have done so much research on the high street fashion stores that have ventured into the home decor and La Redoute have got to be my favourite. They have that little bit of individuality to them. I would definitely have them on my clients source list.

  3. Loved the idea of you editing your mum’s home.

    Was so intrigued, I tried looking at your “full edit”, but the link doesn’t work for me. Feel free to delete this comment!

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