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Episode 3 of The Great Indoors Podcast is out

1st November 2018

Pinch punch first of the month and all that, but also it’s time for episode three of the podcast. If the technology has worked you should be able to access it here if you fancy a listen. We discussed colour technology, which I was initially very sceptical about, but Sophie had some interesting points to make, as well as how to plan a bedroom so download if you want some tips on that front.

the earle maxi sofa from dfs

the earle maxi sofa from dfs

Now, as you know, if you have listened (for which thank you so much) the show is sponsored by DFS. This allows us to pay for a professional producer and editor as well as having it properly mixed so it sounds as good as it can and isn’t just us rambling away in what something that might as well be the airing cupboard.

As part of that deal we agreed to film a live recording of us making the podcast which we did a couple of days ago at the company’s Staying Inn event. It was both fun and terrifying as when we record in our own homes we can talk away and then stop and say things again if we don’t think it’s working, but recording in front of an audience meant we wanted to keep it flowing as much as possible. And not swear when we went wrong!

dfs belucci slate leather sofa £1,999

dfs belucci slate leather sofa £1,999

Anyway I hope you will enjoy it when you hear it – it will be out in two weeks. In that episode we discuss the new trend of JOMO; the opposite of FOMO and otherwise known as the joy of staying in. When DFS created this space, which was designed by 2LG Studio, they commissioned new research and found that 60 per cent of the UK would rather stay in than go out on a Saturday night. Which has long chimed with my own views – particularly in winter when it’s cold and dark outside. Who wants to go out in uncomfortable shoes and having to hold your stomach in when you can lie on the sofa in a pair of cashmere trackie bottoms with a glass of red and a good book? At least that’s my idea of heaven. Sophie likes to stay in and have people come to her house. But only if they bring a dish as she doesn’t like to cook.

The other interesting point to come out of this survey was that one in five of us decorate with guests in mind with 27 per cent taking inspiration from hotels, bars and restaurants. It seems ironic that in order to make beautiful places to stay IN we are looking to places where we used to go OUT for ideas.

dfs ezra sofa

The idea of decorating for other people is also a strange one. It’s like the interiors version of the old chestnut – do women dress for men, or for other women or for themselves? When I used to write about international interior style for the Financial Times, I did several features on Scandinavian and Nordic design and lots of people told me that while they don’t specifically decorate for other people they want their homes to look good and to be admired by their guests.

This is partly because the winters are so long and cold that there is a lot of home entertaining so it makes sense that if you are going to have friends round a lot that you can make them comfortable and feel welcome. So perhaps it’s not that strange after all. I guess it’s just another word for houseproud. And there’s nothing wrong with that – if you have spent time and money decorating your home it’s always gratifying when other people compliment it isn’t it?

DFS Trafalgar grand sofa in Sapphire velvet £1,699

Still if you are decorating for yourselves or for your visitors the main thing is that you are creating spaces that you want to be in. And at this time of year I am always supremely happy for the JOMO in my sitting room as, when it comes to winter I’m all about the JOSI and have tendencies to FOGO events. I’ll stop now.

Do have a listen to the podcast and let us know what you think. And if you need a new green armchair this one below was a massive hit at the event and is very comfortable. Also – dark green – great colour.

DFS Bailey velvet armchair in teal green, £949 DFS Bailey small velvet footstool in teal green, £329

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  • Velvet 2nd November 2018 at 8:26 am

    Just finished listening to your podcast (first ever podcast that is) and I loved it!! It had a few good laughs and you certainly made my day. Anyhow, I have a little theory when it comes to color psychology. All that anyone has to do is observe nature herself. Notice how yellow is always the most limited color. Blue is calming because it’s all over! It’s in everyone’s DNA (skies and seas – can’t hide from it). Besides, it’s the color with the largest range of tones and hence, a tone-on-tone approach works beautifully. Now green is soothing and refreshing as you mentioned, but yes it can get stagnant after a while. That’s why nature has evergreen trees and deciduous trees. Change must be in order to avoid stagnation. Now if you add any red accents in a green room then it can cause tension. It’s a good match but one that denotes confrontation – very classic approach artists use to manipulate feelings on canvas. Therefore, if you have a bedroom with green as the basic color, then red accents must be kept few and preferably within a fusion of a few more colors. You see nature never goes bi-color. It uses almost every possible color is various dosages. We need to do something similar in order to find true balance. Sorry about the rambling, but I’m a huge color fan and I go to great lengths to pick the right shade for my clients to give them piece of mind for years to come.

  • Beth 2nd November 2018 at 7:23 am

    Always love your blog and yet to listen to the podcast, saving it for next week once half terms over so I can listen in peace!
    Do you know if the Earle sofa is part of a current range? I can’t find it on their website.
    Beth Xx

  • Sue Brandom 1st November 2018 at 10:06 am

    Love reading your posts and can’t wait for the new book. Wish I’d seen that gorgeous Teal velvet armchair and footstool before I bought my ( slightly boring) grey one recently. Do they do scatter cushions?

  • Glyn Latham 1st November 2018 at 8:40 am

    Mad About The House 2

    Layering? Thought that’s what you did with cakes!

  • Sally Ashen 1st November 2018 at 8:25 am

    Morning Kate,

    I am loving the new podcasts they are full of information! I am putting ideas together as decorating my box like new build in Lewes, struggling with colour options I had been considering a plaster-like colour to go with a large wall of shelves already painted in FB Railings, I’d seen some lovely cobalt blue lamps at HKLiving (MO18) I loved and wanted to include…listening to your podcast re: wardrobe inspiration I glance down and I am wearing cobalt blue jumper with pale pink cuffs my favourite jumper…sorted and confident I am going to love my colour choice! Now listening to no 3. Congratulations to you both keep going x

    Sally, Into Mills

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