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Escape into Summer with these Home Accessories

20th June 2017
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seat cushions from H&M

It’s not that I’m suffering from writer’s block, but it seems hard to know what to say at the moment that isn’t trite, or stupid or just a little bit pointless. But you don’t come here for that and so I’m not going to give you that.

What I have found is a collection of rather gorgeous summer accessories from H&M which, if you’ve been spending a bit of time in the garden, will dress it up a treat.

patterned bath towels from H&M

I don’t know about you but sometimes just staring at a beautiful picture makes me feel a bit calmer. It’s the visual equivalent of a deep breath. And I could just happily dip a toe into that beautiful sea green water in the image above.

And because all the products are from H&M you know they’re not going to break the bank.

patterned seat cushions from H&M

Then, when you’ve had your dip and dried off on those colourful beach towels, imagine sitting down here for dinner and, minus the blurry view in the background, this is a look we could achieve in our own gardens and on our own balconies.

Finished off with a nap in this rather lovely black bedlinen. I’ve never had black bed sheets fearing it might all be a tad playboy but this works don’t you think?

black patterned duvet cover from H&M

Visual deep breathing exercises over. I feel better for that. Do you?

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  • Janet Whincup 20th June 2017 at 12:14 pm


    Link for Valerie, duvet cover at H&M

    • Valerie 20th June 2017 at 12:29 pm

      Thank you so much Janet – didn’t think to look!

  • Valerie 20th June 2017 at 9:13 am

    Thanks Kate – very refreshing thank you. Just wishing that leafy green towel was a duvet cover, as that would suit my new green bed so well.

  • monica 20th June 2017 at 7:15 am

    You are completely right Kate. I think it’s important to keep up at least a semblance of normality to calm us down in these troubled times. Will pop over to H & M Home cuz that tableware is talking to me…..

  • Fiona Duke 20th June 2017 at 7:09 am

    you got to love a bit of H & M – accessible interiors that as you say, don’t make us feel too guilty about the price tag.

    and yes, staring at images like these does indeed induce a bit of calm for sure so you’re great therapy….. after another restless night trying to adapt to our new climate ….. 🙂

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