Fifteen Finds: Wedding Gifts from Etsy

This week Mad About The House is happy to announce its first ever affiliation. Da Da. Yes, we have teamed up with Etsy for a monthly post called Fifteen Finds where we will hunt out the best of the site and bring them to you. Then, if you decide to buy any of them, Mad gets a teeeny little commission while helps keep Enid cat in treats. Or me in new tights depending on her mood.

So first up, as it’s the season, here are my picks for Wedding Gifts.



Milk and Honey Luxuries


mr and mrs engraved spoons from etsy
mr and mrs engraved spoons from etsy

The trend for personalisation shows no signs of disappearing, so the trick is to find more unusual ideas to personalise. These are the most obvious words to engrave, but the seller has plenty of other choices including: my coffee, your coffee, I do, me too or even, The Best is Yet to Come on a single teaspoon.


The Quaint and The Curious


M is for marriage

Sticking with the personal theme, these decorative letters were collected from Antique and Vintage Books (pre -1930) and placed over a rescued vintage desk encyclopedia book page before being framed in an eight by ten creamy white frame.


Nabil Fahd


vintage ceramic dish
vintage ceramic dish

The point of wedding gifts, I think, is to buy things that the couple wouldn’t necessarily buy themselves and this beautiful dish falls into that category. Admittedly I would rather use it than display it, although it’s more of a display sort of price I grant you. But it would sit very happily on a dressing table holding rings and cufflinks.




romantic candlelit dinners
romantic candlelit dinners

Come on, they’ve just got married, it’ll be candlelit dinners every night of the week. And in the event of a power, they’ll come in just as handy. This pair of brass sticks is ten inches high and lovely and heavy, which is what you want in a proper old candlestick. Be quiet at the back there with your talk of Cluedo. This is a wedding post.


Toasted Glass


Bespoke cocktails make the perfect wedding gift
Bespoke cocktails make the perfect wedding gift

Now this I love. The best way to do this would be to fill in the questionnaire on behalf of the couple, then Monique will create a bespoke cocktail and send the recipe and full instructions on how to create it. You will also receive a letter explaining why I chose your specific blend. The recipe and letter will be accompanied by a hand painted miniature bottle containing a free sample of the alcohol required to make your drink. The design on the miniature bottle can be used to refect your personality and you can choose from the motifs available on my range of shot glasses, or you can design your own.



Vintage Art Factory


handmade tile coasters
handmade tile coasters

Well along with all those drinks, they might be needing a coaster or two on which to rest their lovely bespoke cocktail glasses. These are all handmade so you can choose your patterns and your combinations depending on how many you decide to buy for the happy couple.


Blue Sky Pottery Co


small bowls for ice cream or nibbles
small bowls for ice cream or nibbles

Small bowls are so useful you can probably never have too many. Perfect for ice cream or nibbles, you can choose your colour combinations to suit depending on how many you want to buy.


Zana Products


mr and mrs pillowcase
mr and mrs pillowcase

Back to the monogrammed theme, but this time it’s monochrome too and I do love a bit of monochrome as regular readers will know. The simple clean font of the letters appeasl to me and I love her Cupid’s Bow lips, not to mention his rather dashing moustache. Now, I haven’t asked, but I’m sure the manufacturer would do you a Mr and Mr or a Mrs and Mrs if you asked. That’s the joy of Etsy, the designers are often happy to alter things to suit.



The Art of Finer Things


a vase for all those flowers
a vase for all those flowers

I have never been one for buying vases but every now and then in life, there are occasions when flowers arrive and I have nothing to put them in. You know the sort of thing, weddings, births of children, anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day. Even if your beloved is not one for matters floral (and mine is not terribly that way inclined) a vase of flowers on the kitchen table with some Spring daffodils that you bought for yourself is a thing of beauty (and possibly a gentle nudge). And, having said that I don’t own any vases, this is one that I would be very happy to have. I rather love the antiqued mercury effect and imagine how beautiful it would look filled with a big bunch of blowsy peonies.



Taylor Crafts Engraved


a reminder of your wedding day
a reminder of your wedding day

As I mentioned earlier, if you want to go down the personalised route, it’s about finding things that are a little more unusual. This chopping board will, perhaps, be used every day by one or other and I rather like the bold design and the idea that the couple were “established” on a certain date.


Vessels and Wares


let the newly weds eat cake
let the newly weds eat cake

In this instance, I might not choose to have the names engraved but maybe the date. Or a phrase like “let them eat cake” springs to mind. Anyway, the point is that there should always be cake. In marriage as in life.



Promise Pottery


a safe place to keep rings
a safe place to keep rings

Isn’t this pretty? A sweet little ring dish to go by the bed or, more likely, by the washing up bowl as you don’t want to be washing dishes with a socking great diamond on your left hand now do you? Speaking as one who doesn’t have a diamond, socking or otherwise, I can only assume that is how you would feel.



Diana Parkhouse


long after the cake has gone the lovebirds will remain
long after the cake has gone the lovebirds will remain

Long after the cake has gone, the love birds will remain. And that’s what makes it the perfect little present.



The Wheatfield


well it never hurts to have a little reminder does it?

Well this might be perfect for the first anniversary mightn’t it but still, it never hurts to have a little reminder does it? The print measures eight by ten.





perfect for bridesmaids and flower girls
perfect for bridesmaids and flower girls

Now obviously you could buy these for the bridge and groom but equally the bridge and groom could buy them for their flower girls, bridesmaids and pageboys. It’s a rather sweet idea and a little bit different from the normal stuff. Which basically just about sums up Etsy.

So there you have it, my wedding gift picks from Etsy. I hope you like them.




Kate Watson-Smyth

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  1. I discovered & fell in love with madaboutthehouse the other day when I noticed traffic from this site on my Etsy stats. I love skipping around from products to advice to inspiration photos. This is beautiful.

    I love how bright and airy your rooms (in your home) turned out. Your tiled kitchen ceiling is my favorite… and your closet/”wardrobe” is very creative! I can’t wait to start reading about your renovation process.

    Thanks again, Kate.


  2. love the engraved forks!! So many great and unique finds for wedding gifts, I don’t know how you narrowed it down to just 15, but you found a great 15.

  3. It would be nice if their shops were credited (e.g. “Mr and Mrs Engraved Spoons from MilkandHoneyLuxuries on Etsy”) … Also you would get more clicks if the images linked to the listings as well.

    1. I tried to email you to thank you for your suggestions and to tell you I had fixed them, but it bounced back. So here are my formal thanks and yes, I fixed it! Great idea. I am a technological dimwit and didn’t know how to make a picture clickable but now I do! Thanks again. Kate

  4. A million thanks for sharing my wedding forks! I love all of your finds, except now you’ve sent me off shopping when I should be working! xo, Sarah

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