Five Finds: Multifunctional Furniture

Following on from yesterday’s rather fabulous folding-hanging chair, I started thinking about other multi-purpose furniture and had a little poke about the Interweb to see what else was out there. The answer? Some rather clever stuff and so we come to this week’s Five Finds.


by Isaac Krady

tre table by isaac krady
tre table by isaac krady
tre table by isaac krady
made from a single piece of plywood it can be used any way up you want

This doesn’t really need much explanation when you look at the pictures does it? Tuck it at the end of the sofa for storing magazines and simply flip it up when you need to work.

Krady, who is based in Brooklyn, says he was inspired by the “scant living spaces in which he’s resided in exchange for living in a major city”. He’s made lots of other great pieces, including this rather neat flat pack stool, which can be assembled and taken apart easily with no need for tools.

rocket by isaac krady
rocket by isaac krady


Seung-Yong Song

object b is part of a series of multi-purpose chairs
object b is part of a series of multi-purpose chairs
climb up the ladder
or use as bookshelves

Object B is part of a series of multi-functional pieces – one doubles up as a clothes drier or storage. Another has a giant paper lantern on top so you can hide away in your own space.

Seung-Yong Song exhibited the collection during Seoul Design Festival 2011. Like Isaac, he too was inspired by his small apartment, this time in Paris.


Aissa Logerot

madame est servie by alissa logerot
madame est servie by alissa logerot

Another clever space-saving idea, this time by Aissa Logerot, who has combined an ironing board that flips up to reveal a full length mirror.

Photo : Véronique Huyghe
Photo : Véronique Huyghe

I can’t think of a single reason why I wouldn’t want to buy this. I only wish it were in production.


Ozzio for Resource Furniture

Goliath can be used simply as a hall console table
store the spare leaves either next to it or elsewhere
Golia 5_0
the extendable mechanism is telescopic
it becomes a table for four
or ten

Clever this. The extending mechanism is telescopic so you simply pull it out to the required size and lay the extra leaves in place. Now, if you had the chairs from yesterday hanging on the wall next to it that would be just perfect for a space-saving kit.


the cabrio in converts from a desk into a bed
there are a number of different configurations

If you’ve ever spent a few sweaty sweary minutes fighting with your sofa bed (unless that’s just me) this is the thing for you. The desk simply slides up and down and the bed folds up and disappears. However, while this piece is at least in production, it’s so expensive that you have to email for the price. And then you’d better already own a bed to fall back onto in shock.







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