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The Groove Lamp

25th November 2014
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Groove Lamp_£195 & Leather Journal_£28.50_stuffofdreams.com

The Groove lamp is named for obvious reasons but in addition to the painted grooves, you can also turn the base so that you can line up the stripes if you want. Or, in my case, not.

The other neat trick is that you can have the stripes painted in any Farrow and Ball colour you fancy. This one is quite straight forward and monochrome and while I love that, I would be tempted to zing it up a little bit with a dash of Charlotte’s Locks or Nancy’s Blushes to go with my black and grey.


The lamp is part of a collection from Stuff of Dreams and is 36cm high. It costs £195 but the joy of modern lighting is that you absolutely don’t need to spend money on a shade if you buy a fancy bulb. Also a shade might detract from the simple form of the base.


The company has been sourcing unusual products from around the world since 2012, but has just launched its own product range of which this is the key piece. The rest of the collection includes shelves and candlesticks and, coming soon, a personalised leather journal.

What colour combination would you put on your lamp?


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