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High Street Heroes: French Connection

12th June 2019
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I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this as a title for a series before but there we go. I’ve thought it now and this week for the Wednesday Ad Break it’s all about French Connection. Founded in 1972 the company set out to provide well-designed fashionable clothing that would appeal to a large market. The mens’ collection launched four years later followed by footwear, sunglasses and watches. But to paraphrase a certain television quiz – we don’t want to talk about that…. we want to talk about the homewear range which began in 2012. And is, therefore, the same age as this very blog.

french connection home styled at

french connection home styled at petrified wood side table, poppyfield rug, capri carver chair with  chunky knitted throw – for the shoppable links see end of post

It’s now a significant part of the whole business and I, for one, have been a fan since the start. The style is lightly industrial, the pieces are well-made and some of them are achieving borderline iconic status – the poppyfields rug, for example, can be seen everywhere.

french connection home styled at

french connection home: capri chairs, evergreen rug and large hammered tapered pitcher (see end for shopping links)

Everything is designed in house by a small team who work with a sourcing house in India. French Connection aim to produce a range for discerning interior buyers and “where possible we use artisans and craftsmen to give  a personal and unique look that our customers love”.

They are also about to launch a gift range in time for Christmas too which will be very exciting to see.

petrified wooden table, amatrine cushion sage aztec cushion and evergreen rug (see end for shopping list)

At the moment you can either buy online or in areas of the larger clothing stores, but as the entire high street now offers a mix of fashion and furniture, the company said it was their ambition to open a standalone store one day.

I called in some of my favourite pieces from the current collection to style in my own home. Yes the poppy rug had to come but so did another one in foresty green, which was, I can report, deliciously soft underfoot. Their leather chairs are also really comfortable and the leather is good quality. And who can resist a bit of rattan at the moment?

french connection home styled at

french connection home styled at poppyfield rug, pandora floor cushion, amatrine cushion, matteo throw (see end for shopping links)

The California collection is all about colour and texture with woven materials and organic handcrafted pieces. The live edge side table is gorgeous and a real find for the high street as it’s such a one off style piece. I put in in the loft, as you can see below, but it works in every room of the house.

The other point to note is that while there are classic investment pieces that won’t date there are also lots of smaller things so it works for renters and flat sharers as well as those with more space.

french connection home styled at

fan pampas chair, evergreen rug, petrified wooden table, luxe glass vase, cane glass vase (see end for links)

After all, everyone’s got room to squeeze in another cushion haven’t they? And these luxurious patterns and textures will work long after the summer sun has gone.

What do you think? I love so many of these pieces and they worked in every room in my house. I didn’t use the sitting room as the emphasis was on light and summery vibes but all these colours are perfect for my darker rooms as well.

amatrine cushion, aztec cushion, pandora floor cushion, poppyfield rug and hammered mango tray see below for shopping links

I have linked to all the products in the shopping list below (and a lot of it is now on sale) but the collection isn’t so huge that you will be able to find things easily and even stumble across new discoveries. I rather like that it’s smaller and more tightly curated. Below are all the links to the things in these images. If you want to see the new collection it’s here.

tapered glass pitcher, artisan white salad bowl


petrified wood side table

poppyfield rug

capri carver chair with  chunky knitted throw

amatrine fringe cushion

aztec sage cushion

evergreen rug

capri chair

pink pandora pouffe

hammered mango tray

mateo throw

fan pampas chair

luxe medium glass

hammered tapered pitcher

cane glass vase

artisan white salad bowl

carved pentagon bowl

carved elipse bowl (black)

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  • Anna 12th June 2019 at 9:44 am

    French Connection’s team understand creativity and innovation. Their colour choices are exquisite.
    They are giving almost everyone the opportunity to own something rather beautiful at a very reasonable price.
    Good theme Kate and I wait with interest to see who your next choice is.

  • Leigh Astur 12th June 2019 at 8:20 am

    I love French Connection Home and have regularly suggested to friends to check out their rugs and wall art. I love everything they stock and agree that it’s nice that’s it’s still quite small scale. Love your blog and your podcasts with Sophie – your laughs are infectious!

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