H&M Expands Its Homeware Collection

And in many ways the only proper response to that headline has been – and about time too. H&M has been quietly gathering a reputation as the place to go for affordable cushion covers and bed linens as well as small household items such as mugs and vases. Finally, they are expanding in to small items of furniture.

new collection from H&M
new collection from H&M – black table bench £79.99, floor cushion £79.99 and table lamp

And if that works one can only assume they will go further. My local branch of H&M, which is at Oxford Circus, has occasionally had a window display of furniture with products styled among it. I have admired it so much I have been in to ask whether it was possible to buy the larger pieces but was told that no it wasn’t part of the range.

Until now. The collection includes the black bench table pictured above – it’s a really great piece that is so versatile. I had it in the hall for a while but it seems to have found its space up in the loft. And do you know what I particularly appreciated – it came ready assembled. It’s a small thing but it arrived on one of those days when the temperature was nudging 34 degrees and I was so thankful that I just had to take it out of the box and put it in position.

H&M floor cushion from the new a/w18 collection
H&M floor cushion from the new a/w18 collection

There is also this large floor cushion, which also comes in cream as you can see in the H&M campaign shot below. This is a really useful and well-sized cushion and has solved the problem of the lack of a third chair in the library where there isn’t really room for one but there does need to be more seating ( I didn’t photograph it in there though because it’s a dark room with a dark rug against dark shelves and it just didn’t show so I put it here you can see it better.

H&M pendant lamp, floor cushion and table
H&M pendant lamp (£49.99) floor cushionand table (£79.99)

You are lucky to be seeing some of the collection two days before everyone else as H&M sent me the press release and insisted I didn’t write about it until 23 August. But I managed to talk them into sending me a few products and allowing me to go two days early with the story so you can see it here but you won’t be able to buy any of it until Thursday.

velvet lamp shade and brass lamp from H&M
velvet lamp shade and brass lamp from H&M

So what do you think? There is a mix of products and materials from powder coated steel to marble and more organic shapes using wood and straw. Mattias Chrisander, the product designer at H&M Home, said each piece had been designed to fit effortlessly into any home. Which is key, because it means it has been designed to fit in with what already have, making it a great hard-working line of products that you can move around the house as you see fit.

black bench from H&M (£79.99) and round stool (£49.99)
black bench from H&M (£79.99) and round stool (£49.99)

“We are very excited about this launch… [which] expresses timeless design and diversity in style,” he said.

This first collection was designed in house – but I’m sure, given the success of the fashion collaborations, that that will change in time.

There are two main styles, although they mix and match perfectly well together. One is clean, minimal lines while the other is more rustic with soft shapes and natural materials. The colour palette is black with natural beiges and metallics with accents of dusty pink,  emerald green and grey.

H&M table and lamp photographed at
H&M table and lamp photographed at

In short, you shouldn’t have to try to hard to fit something in with your existing decor. And, or course, it’s H&M so prices start at a very reasonable £17.99 and go up to £149.99. The black table and cushion that I have photographed are both £79.99.

wood and string table from H&M for £79.99

So there you have it. That is all. Back to your holidays now.

Kate Watson-Smyth

The author Kate Watson-Smyth

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  1. I love the lamp in the second last pic but can’t see it on the H&M website… is it definitely part of their collection?

    1. I know that things have been taking a while to come to the site. Also the base is separate from the base so you might have to look in two different places – I think that was a pendant shade in black velvet rather than a lamp base shade – if that makes sense.

  2. I loved the lovely metal side table that you featured in one of your photos above! However, when I tried to buy it online I couldn’t add it to the basket and then it was sold out somehow! Is it the case of those furniture pieces being available in store only? Don’t have one near me and would be very disappointed to miss out on such a nice piece!

  3. Hi Kate, like a saddo I set a reminder on my phone to go on the H&M site today because that black bench is just the thing I’ve been looking for…anyway, there is furniture on there but only 8 items and no bench. Just wondered if you know if they will be releasing more items and will the black bench be one of them?? Thanks!

    1. I think they have generated lots of publicity and not quite got everything in stock yet. That bench being a case in point. It is coming but I can only suggest you keep an eye out. If I hear any more I will let you know.

  4. I thought it launched today? I am so excited, I went on the website 1st thing but nothing? Any idea if its been delayed?

  5. Love H&M homestuff already. Can’t wait until Thursday for the launch. It look like Great value as ever. Good on H&M.

  6. This looks very interesting. I didn’t even know that H&M did homeware at all! Live in a rural bubble!

  7. Fabulous. I love H&M Homeware. I live in Bristol where they don’t stock it so have to go to Cardiff or London. I’ve ordered stuff online but I like to see it and feel it first before I buy. Praps when you speak to them next Kate, you could have a little word!! Bristol needs it!! Great stuff, some of it is really quirky.
    Happy shopping times ahead then!

  8. Very excited about this, definitely buying the black floor cushion and looking forward to seeing what else they have. The heatwave has well and truly deserted us in Scotland so already in the mood for buying things for the house to prepare for Autumn!

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