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Honeycomb Throw

24th June 2015
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Decorator's Notebook Honeycomb throw rose pink hi-res chairs

The other day after dinner with friends ended slightly too early, it was decided that we would return to their house for one last glass of wine (I might tell you that that last one is the killer glass. That’s the one that will give you the hangover, but still we’re not here to talk about that).

Hilda Grahnat for House of Rym

Hilda Grahnat for House of Rym

It was, allegedly, a summer evening and we all fancied sitting in their garden but there was a definite chill in their. As there has been since about November if you ask me, but we’re not here to talk about that either. The point was that my friend casually produced a couple of blankets from a cupboard in the hall and we ended up sitting in the garden for far too long. The blankets were warm, the wine was flowing, the night was young(ish). Well younger than us anyway.

Decorator's Notebook Honeycomb throws in rose pink and soft grey

Anyway, it got me to thinking about throws. I don’t have any. I have never draped one casually over the arm of a sofa. Well only to keep the cat off. But I see now I have been going wrong. Beautiful blankets are a necessary part of every household.

Decorator's Notebook Honeycomb throw rose pink hi-res bed

You need them to cosy up those summer evenings in the garden, maybe you do need one on the sofa to warm your toes on cold winter evenings. Actually, you really need one for those moments when you have no roof on your house and the summer won’t come and so you have to put a towel over the duvet to keep warm. But, sighs, we’re probably not here to talk about that either. Although I could. At length.

Decorator's Notebook Honeycomb throw rose pink hi-res bicycle

Clearly, the lack of roof and cold summer nights has addled my brain. Someone pass my credit card now. I need blankets.

Hilda Grahnat for House of Rym

Hilda Grahnat for House of Rym

These ones are from Decorators Notebook  and cost £58.95. It is ethically made in Tunisia for the House of Rym and comes an eco-friendly box. In fact everything this company sells is sourced with care for the environment and peoples’ lives. If you want to do one good thing today you can subscribe to their newsletter and, via Unicef, they will donate one exercise book for each subscription.

Drum banging over, it’s a cool throw. Buying it will allow you to sit in the garden drinking wine at all times and in all weathers.

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  • Nicola 24th June 2015 at 8:13 am

    Here in Sydney we are having our two weeks of winter and my local cafe has hung throws over the back of their outside chairs for customer use. I thought that was a brilliant idea- encouraging people to linger longer ( as I imagine cafes with mainly outdoor seating must take a hit in profits at this time of year.)

    They are made of (whispers) fleece, which is very snugly and would wash and dry in a nanosecond.

  • Andrea 24th June 2015 at 8:04 am

    Ahhh, the delight of a snuggly throw! Or several! You didn’t mention their potential mud-disguising properties if small dogs/cats in semi-permanent residence/on sofas… And/or the lovely fade of old Welsh blankets… Okay I’ll stop now. Thanks for another lovely post.

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