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21st August 2015
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Good Day to you all (see I did that for those of you who visit in the evening) I trust you’re all feeling better than you did yesterday. Now, have you got a cup of coffee, glass of wine, digestive biscuit to hand because we’re going to dive straight in with a few lovely houses to gawp at.


The first is in College Road, in Kensal Rise, north west London. It’s on the market with Domus Nova for £1,450,000.


Now it’s not the fanciest of houses we’ve featured here but it looks rather like I feel at the moment. Large and comfortable if you know what I mean. The sofas are comfy, there’s room to spread out, to put your feet up and read a book, do the crossword, relax.


And that, for those of you who are enjoying the last few days of holiday before the year really gets going is perfect. For those of you reading this from the office (bad luck) but imagine being able to come home to this. There’s enough space to kick off shoes, drop your coat and bag Without Needing To Put Them Away and then you can sit down and forget all about the 9 to 5.



So, where shall we go next? Well this, brace yourselves people, is a bungalow (cue Lady Bracknell voice). Well, yes it is but it’s not just any old bungalow. It’s a bungalow designed by an architect who has worked for Arup (among others) so it’s clever.


It was designed by Ian Taylor for his parents and is on the market for the first time since it was built in the 80s via The Modern House for £550,000.


See how that staircase folds up to save space? Because while it is a single storey building, it has double height ceilings and balconies around the edge to provide extra sleeping or study space.


It’s open plan and arranged around a wood-burning stove with details including a large utility room and lots of storage in the loft.


It’s rather fabulous isn’t it. Definitely some ideas to think about there. It’s in Gaunts Common, Dorset by the way and there are three bedrooms.


Finally – shall we see another? Oh go on then… How about this to blow the fantasy budget right out of the water on the second day of the year? It’s a four bedroom terrace house in Notting Hill and it’s for sale via Knight Frank for nine million quid *falls over laughing*.


But those windows – both internal and external. The white floors, all that space.


This is probably the opposite of that first comfy house as all that white space might make you bit scared to drink black coffee and red wine. Although that grey sofa does look quite inviting.


It would look better in navy blue though – imagine that – and it is coming people. 2015 the year of navy blue.


Anyway, on to practical details (for once) there are four bedrooms, four reception rooms and three bathrooms as well as an integral garage that is currently used as an office. Outside space? Well there’s a terrace leading out from the master bedroom. The rest of the family can play in the street.


So there you go. House hunting 2015 done. What will you buy this week?


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  • Mariola 28th August 2015 at 9:09 pm

    Stunning interior. I can to watch this through many hours.

  • Vikky 21st August 2015 at 12:29 pm

    Major house envy, lovely homes! I have a dove grey sofa from http://www.decur.co.uk maybe one day my house can be up here lol

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