The Househunter 6/2/15

6th February 2015
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Hard to know what’s more exciting about this house – the black architraves, the concrete or (small intake of breath) the copper radiators. Yes COPPER. This terraced building in Notting Hill has been completely redone by Cubic Studios who have created this rather industrial space but with soft touches coming from the wood floors, natural light and yes, those copper flourishes.

321 Portobello Road-39 small file

It’s a two bedroom maisonette on the first, second and third floor of the building and it’s on the market for £2,250,000 via Domus Nova, although it’s not about the money (well unless you lot are a lot richer than you’re letting on) it’s about the general gorgeousness and stealworthiness of ideas. So first up – those radiators….

321 Portobello Road_-24 small file

You can buy those saddle stools too if you fancy (£750), they’re part of Cubic’s new furniture collection which will be launched in stages throughout the year. One to watch I think.

321 Portobello Road-30

I’m definitely eyeing that concrete worktop. As some of you will know my worktops are stainless steel, which, I will tell you now, is by far the most practical thing we have ever had. But, due to long running issues with the hob (still pondering that name and shame post) we will probably have to replace it this year, which will inevitably mean replacing the worktop on the island. I’m quite up for mixed worktops and I think the soft concrete will contrast well with the stainless steel. Having two different materials will also solve the problem of staining as I believe concrete doesn’t react well to lemons and other acidic substances so we can make sure we chop those on the other side.

321 Portobello Road_-83

Normally I wouldn’t tangle with a glass balustrade either but put together with the concrete, copper and industrial black finishes, it’s the perfect thing as it doesn’t distract the eye and allows those elements to stand out.

321 Portobello Road_-34

The bedrooms need no further explanation; a fairly monochrome palette with lots of natural textures in wood, leather and linen and just feast your eyes on that copper bath.


I’m not sure we’ll hunt any more houses. This is perfect for this week. Oh go on then, as it’s been snowing this week and then I saw this and just looking at it made me warmer (mainly with a sort of boiling jealousy, but hey in this weather we’ll take the heat where we can get it).

white house for sale sothebys

There you go. Feeling that boiling heat suffusing through your veins yet? It’s in Ibiza and it’s on the market for around £4.1m via Sotheby’s. It’s a new build in the centre of the island, which I think is the cool bit (never actually been) and is walking distance from St Gertrudis.

white sitting room

The house is built over two floors with, on the top level, a 100 sq m master suite with bathroom, office, walk-in wardrobe and terrace with views to Formentera and al fresco shower.

The ground floor has a double height living area opening to the terrace through sliding glass doors, an open-plan kitchen and dining area on a raised level plus two double suite bedrooms with walk in showers.

floating staircase

The way this staircase is lit is very cool isn’t it? Mind you I’m not sure I like it more than the view the people sitting on the other side of the table will get. There’s a 20m long infinity pool for starters, which I daren’t show you in case you hurl your screen to the floor in a fury.

Let’s come back inside to this fabulous bathroom; there are twin basins on the other side of the screen. Oh and did I mention the separate guest house with private garden…. Fancy it?

white bathroom freestanding tub

Well I’m definitely warmer now. And this will just about finish me off. For fans of Wolf Hall, I have this. I mean I know we’re all enjoying that wonderfully understated performance by Mark Rylance, but never mind that, it’s the houses people, the houses. God knows (and you do too) that I have delusions of grandeur but I really, really, really want to live in a Tudor palace. And there is this:

tudor mansion for sale via strutt and parker

It has made me slightly breathless. It’s £3.5m (with Strutt and Parker)  but never mind that (I can dream of winning the lottery) it’s the more practical issue of 11 bedrooms that has me stumped. I mean there really would be no excuse not to allow my mother (and mother-in-law come to that) to move in. And that is a whole different issue.

stone dining room

But just imagine being able to have breakfast in there. With a few rugs on the wall and even candles. Even I could use candles in there as it’s all stone. And then after breakfast you could float down the corridor to this library for a little light writing before lunch.

strutt and parker

Lunch would be in here, I imagine. But let’s be honest there’s no shortage of rooms. The house, which is late Tudor, is Grade I listed so you won’t be able to make many changes and there are only two bathrooms. But it is registered as a wedding venue so you can make an income from that.

panelled dining room strutt and parker

Where are you moving to this week? It’s definitely the Tudors for me. But in the mean time I’m off to buy something I can actually afford. Bag of oven chips anyone?


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  • Bianca 6th February 2015 at 10:47 pm

    Ibiza for me, hands down. You’re welcome to come and visit any time for a piña colada or five by the pool. X

  • lianne 6th February 2015 at 9:36 am

    your writing is so funny! Think I will have to go with Ibiza this week, even though it is in Ibiza…stunning house, but I might have to take it somewhere else. But that wouldn’t be a problem since I would have a lot of change left from the £100m I just won.
    Notting Hill is a bit too much a man’s house, isn’t it? Looks like it might come with whips. Not sure if it will allow any females entering the front door 😉 Lets move those copper radiators and that bath to Ibiza.
    And the Tudor house…stuning stunning stunning on the outside…but not to be allowed to do much inside would simply be too frustrating!

  • Fiona duke 6th February 2015 at 8:48 am

    Thank you for 5 mins of dreamyness before I head into work today….Must buy that lottery ticket !!!!

  • Steven 6th February 2015 at 8:13 am

    Absolutely love the interior and the design. The only thing that is missing is a couple of Alpaca rugs to create an ambiance of comfort and luxury. All in all, love the interior and design. Take care.
    Thanks, Steven w/Alpacarug.net

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