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Window Pane Mirror

16th November 2016

Regular readers will know that I long for an internal window. That I have, at points, fantasised about taking down the wall between the hall and the sitting room, or the library and the stairs. Neither of these things will ever happen. But there is a third way. Actually I think it might only be the second but anyway, who’s counting?

Mirrors are your friend. For those who hanker after that Alice in Wonderland window into another world, then the answer is a mirror – the bigger the better. This large window pane mirror could be just the thing. You could lean it against a wall in the hall to bounce the light around – especially if you don’t have any room for furniture (my second fantasy: a wide hall – or prop it up behind a sofa or other wall.

Mirrors are also perfect at this time of year when there’s so little light in the house. They grab what there is and bounce it back at you. Doesn’t matter if your decor is dark or light, a mirror will help with this.

It turns out I have endless spaces for such a thing. Except of course in the very place where I need a large mirror. That is the alcove in the newly redecorated bathroom. This would be the perfect thing. Except the alcove is 70cm wide and this mirror is 109cm.



For those of you with bigger alcoves this is from Graham and Green.

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  • Brenda 16th November 2016 at 10:41 pm

    Beautiful, especially that it “mirrors” the shape of the window above the door!

  • Janet Whincup 16th November 2016 at 8:33 am

    Nordic also do mirrors similar to this.

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