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Mad About … Dining In

27th May 2013

I’m not sure I know anyone who actually has a formal dining room any more. Well, apart from my Aunt, but that doesn’t mean to say that we can’t all make an effort with the space that we do use for eating in. And in these days of tightened belts and restraint, dining in is one of my favourite pastimes.



These days I find dining in with a group of friends more fun that going out to a restaurant. I love eating at home during the week; sharing a bottle of wine and watching a film for pudding.



So for all these reasons, let’s celebrate our kitchens, our dining areas and our eating spaces and say that this week we are mostly Mad About … Dining In.



It doesn’t to be a special occasion or a reason for a stress-fest. A couple of friends and neighbours dropping in for a bowl of pasta and a couple of glasses of red wine on the spur of the moment is often much more fun that something that has been in the diary for weeks in advance.


The rustic, more industrial look of the room above looks like a great place for lingering after dinner. But the white, bright space below, which is an integral part of the kitchen, is perfect for cooks who don’t want to feel left out of the conversation while they prepare the food.

I love the loft-style space below although I think it would be only fair for the people that landed the armchairs to swap with those on the bench at half time.



The trend for mis-matching chairs has been around for a while and, while some may not like it, I think it’s a practical solution to the enormous cost of buying a matching set and also allows you to pick up the odd one that you like along the way and not have to worry about finding a set.

also from

And finally, this is one of my favourite images. I love the exposed brick walls, the industrial lighting and sturdy table.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that the Italians always make sure they have a table that everyone can sit around as eating together is such an integral part of family life. It might be a folding or a collapsible table and there might be a stash of folding chairs or stools piled up in the corner but everyone regularly gathers round a table to eat together.

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  • Clint 28th May 2013 at 8:20 am

    I love the last picture here. The trestle table and industrial lights are my type of thang!

    If you are interested in more formal dining rooms we recently posted this on our site –

    great post Kate!

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