Mad About … The Boutique Hotel Look

The madness is nearly upon us and it’s probably too late to run away so instead of going to the hotel for a rest, this week we are mostly mad about creating the boutique hotel look at home.

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The key to this look is that it is supposed to really be a home away from home. In a way that most hotels really aren’t. So a little personality is key.

It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t all match. But it must make life easier and a little more luxurious. So you will need:

A comfy chair for reading. With a lamp beside it. And a few books.

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Bedside lights that are fixed to the wall so you don’t clutter the bedside table or run the risk of knocking them over.

these chandeliers add a very decadent look to this room

A soft rug by the bed for cold toes.

image from Architectural Digest via

A faux fur throw that you can snuggle up in while you read in that chair.

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An ottoman at the end of the bed – space permitting – for last night’s clothes and the tray for the breakfast that perhaps someone will bring you in the morning.


Storage is vital. One of the most relaxing things about a good hotel room is the lack of clutter. Make sure you have space to put everything away. One idea is to build a false wall with shelving in it. Then wallpaper the front and no-one will guess at the mayhem behind as the bedroom will look so calm. I did this in my house.

the alcoves are used for extra storage and the purple wall conceals shelves and hanging space

A great bed. A really dramatic headboard can really add to this look and give the impression of luxury.

The Ampersand Hotel, 10 Harrington Road, London, SW7 3ER

Cushions and throws definitely add to the feeling of luxury.

Crosby Street Hotel, Soho, New York

In the, preferably en suite, bathroom, great towels, two basins, a big deep bath. A place to rest the wine. And the book. And the radio.

twin basins: the secret to a luxurious bathroom design and a happy marriage

A fireplace in a bathroom adds instant luxury, even if you don’t light it.

the height of luxury: a bathroom with a fireplace
image from

And don’t forget the mini bar. Or perhaps just a mini fridge; big enough for a bottle of champagne and a carton of orange juice.



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    1. No, I haven’t, but I will, of course try to find out. I once slept in a bed which was made from really wide planks and there was space on either side to put books and an alarm clock and things as the mattress didn’t go all the way across, so you could probably have one made in a similar way but with extra space on the bottom.

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