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29th July 2014
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The industrial look has been with us for a while now but I have been saying (to anyone who will listen) that I thought the next stage would be a more refined and elegant version of this look.


It’s what I have called Industrial Glamour. And look, this is exactly what Heals has done with the launch of its new collection (coming in store and online) during September and August.


Moving on from the raw finishes that have prevailed in the last few years, the store has created a group of exclusive ranges that retain the strong lines and modern materials of the rough-luxe look, while adding refinement to the finish.

Urban Living_Hallway_A_017_rt

The style is very much urban architecture but the metal and concrete are offset and softened with natural wood.


One of the signature pieces of the new collection is the Abacus bed (in the top picture) which was inspired by drawings found in the company archives. It’s made from powder-coated steel (rather than the more industrial scaffolding) with wooden detailing on the spindles (£995)


I particularly love the Junction lighting range (against the brick wall) which was inspired by industrial piping but has been given a more elegant twist. Perfect for those of us who like the look but don’t actually live in a converted warehouse.

Deconstructeed Windsor.jpg


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