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magnetic wallpaper from sisters guild

I do love a bit of multi-tasking and this magnetic wallpaper is a great example. Just look at the expression on that owl’s face. You can buy it from Sisters Guild and it costs £57.50 a roll. But one roll is enough. It looks fantastic just hanging in a single strip down the middle, or to one end, of a wall. And, if you decide you don’t want to see it any more, you can always put a piece of furniture in front – although I can’t imagine why you might want to do that – I’m just trying to be practical.

this magnetic wallpaper comes with ten magnets supplied

There are several designs available; owl, bear and rabbit and a cockatiel (it might be a cockatoo I am not an avian expert) too. The roll comes supplied with some metallic magnets to get you started.

magnetic wallpaper from mazout
available from

It’s a fantastic idea for a kid’s room or an office where you don’t want to worry about sticking things to the wall with blu tak or drawing pins, both of which always leave a mess. And if this roll is too big for your space then you can cut it down and use the excess in another space.

giraffe magnetic wallpaper
black and white magnetic wallpaper

Made by Lies Verheyen and Pieter Claessen, the founders of the Dutch graphic design agency Mazout, they have also created a roll of vinyl chalkboard wallpaper which some of you might find easier than struggling with several layers of blackboard paint and then wishing it was magnetic as well. That comes in various widths up from 63.5cm to 127cm. There’s also a paintable version if you want the practicality but don’t want a black wall. That costs around £41 also from Sisters Guild.

magnetic chalkboard wallpaper
magnetic chalkboard wallpaper

So the only question is which one will you choose? The giraffe looks disapproving so I think it might be the owl for me.




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  1. hi, I need a magnetic wall covering 5m x 1.2m (L x H) that can also be painted onto. this needs to have a bright and colourful wall map design printed onto it.. would this be something you could do ?

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