365 Objects Of Design, March, Volume III

Magnetic Wallpaper

5th March 2014
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grey dinosaur wallpaper with magnetic animals to attach and play

Yesterday we looked at some very cool lights that you can find on a website which says it’s for children. Today, we’re continuing that theme with this very cool wallpaper, which again, I know is technically for children, but which I would very happily use in another room. Not necessarily the sitting room, but it’s a cool design and the magnets are optional.


wallpaper by sian zeng

Yes, it’s magnetic wallpaper and the only question is why has it taken so long to arrive? In addition the cute animals, there are also wipe-clean speech bubbles that you can attach and write on which turns this into a must-have item for every downstairs loo in the land.


not just for children: magnetic wallpaper

Mine is already painted in blackboard paint but next time I might use this paper and leave a pile of these speech bubbles in a bowl on the shelf.


just add speech bubbles

The wallpaper comes from Sian Zeng, a London-based specialising in wallpapers, interior accessories and gift items. If you don’t fancy a whole roll wall of this design, then Sian has created boards which can be used to tell stories, or just as useful noticeboards.

magnetic art board by sian zeng

magnetic art board by sian zeng

Or there are cushions, bed linen and prints, all with the same distinctive style. I’m particularly keen on the flying pigs greeting cards, which at £2.50 is completely affordable and would look great framed. Perhaps I’ll hang this in the downstairs loo while I gather the funds for the wallpaper, which is £248 a roll.

flying pigs by sian zeng

flying pigs by sian zeng






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