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Mannequin Plant Stand and Other Stories

7th February 2018

One of the things I find myself constantly saying to clients is that they should have fun, be brave and don’t be too sensible. Yes I appreciate that the sums of money are larger than, for argument’s sake, a pair of sandals in a slightly risqué colour but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the sensible choices all the time.

mannequin leg planter from mucknbrass

mannequin leg planter from mucknbrass

If you love a thing then you love a thing and if seeing it makes you happy or makes you smile then it passes the test as far as I am concerned. I feel very strongly that every room should have one thing. One wow factor that grabs the attention. The rest can be as plain and sensible as you like.

It may even be better that way as you won’t have too much going on. Now that is exhausting in a room. When you come in and feel that 23 different things are fighting for your attention at once. Better to pick that one, that amazing thing and give it room to breathe.

mannequin lamps from mucknbrass

mannequin lamps from mucknbrass

Now I have been a fan of Zoe at Muck N Brass for several years now. She takes old and unloved pieces of furniture and luxecycles them (her word). If you’re looking for a statement sideboard or chest of drawers then Zoe’s your woman.

I love what she does with them and if I had a room that needed a sideboard that is where I would go to buy one. However living in a narrow Victorian terrace with small alcoves either side of the sitting room fireplace means that if I have a sideboard I can’t have a sofa as I don’t have enough wall going spare.

mannequin lamps from mucknbrass

mannequin lamps from mucknbrass

It might be different for you, in which case I urge you to visit and have a look. However, in the spirit of having fun and not being too sensible, I am showing you these wonderful planters and lights today. I visited a client in Blackheath last week ( a return visit as I first helped her with her kitchen three years ago) and showed her these mannequin planters. She immediately bookmarked the page. And this is a woman who lives in a fabulously elegant house filled with amazing art and good taste. But she  knew that those planters in her grown-sitting room would add the wow factor.

I’m after one of the cow lights. The front end. Even the Mad Husband wasn’t averse if I could show him the right place for it to go. I haven’t quite nailed it yet. Which is quite possibly what he is banking on. I’m thinking on the landing. Because there’s nothing to fight with it there and it would have the space to stand out.

mannequin lamps from mucknbrass

mannequin lamps from mucknbrass

What do you think? Are you up for having a bit of fun in your home? I will of course keep you posted as to my progress on freeing up a bit of wall in The Mad House.

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  • Reply DD 7th February 2018 at 10:17 am

    I really like quirky stuff, and bar stools made from mannequins bottom half are fabulous (appealing to my infantile sense of humour), but perhaps these guys need minimalist interiors or big spaces?

  • Reply Lisa 7th February 2018 at 9:14 am

    Soooooooo love this furniture and prints 🙂 thanks for taking me to this website 😀 we just in the process of redecorating as we have just down size from a big family house but ….. all boys at uni now so time to put some fun and colour into our ne home x IMG_1350.JPGIMG_1347.JPG oh dear not sure how to send pics open plan living room and kitchen will work it out . X

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