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My Top Ten Interior Design Tips

2nd December 2016
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Yesterday I gave a talk at the madepresents event in East London. It was great to hang out on their armchairs – I have now sat in most of them –  and I can also tell you that their cushion game is STRONG. Look at these gorgeous ones by Emily Humphrey. I might have to have these.

cushions by Emily Humphrey for made.com

cushions by Emily Humphrey for made.com

Anyway, I wasn’t there to sit in chairs I was there to WORK. Well, all right I’l be honest I’m using the term loosely. I was there to share my top 10 interior design tips and for those of you that couldn’t make it, or who forgot to bring a pen, I’m putting them up for you here.

Some of you may remember a similar thing I did a year ago but I have updated it. The top picture encapsulates everything I believe to be important when it comes to interior design.

Now given that most of you are frantically busy in December and may not have time to read a daily post I am going to go over these points in more detail, but this time I will be reminding you of things you can buy for your own homes – CUSHIONS – from some of my favourite pieces that have featured in The Mad House recently. So there will still be shopping- well it is December. The Househunter will back next Friday showing some of the best houses of the year.

It’s pretty explanatory as it is, but if you have a spare five minutes between shopping, wrapping, working and partying and you want to find out a little more detail, I shall be unpacking them one by one over the rest of the month.

I hope you find them helpful and will perhaps incorporate them into your ideas for your own homes. Only not too much or I’ll be out of a job!


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  • Kate Watson-Smyth 2nd December 2016 at 7:33 am

    Morning everyone, can I also add that if you couldn’t see the pictures on yesterday’s post The Missing Pages, they should all be there now. Apparently the umlaut was causing issues. Do go back and have a look if you couldn’t see them as they’re great images and will raise a smile of recognition, have a lovely day, XK

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