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The new collection from Broste

30th July 2014


Broste Copenhagen is one of my favourite Scandinavian brands and this images from the new Autumn/Winter 2014 collection shows you why.


But it’s not just about the products, the imagery is pretty gorgeous too and we do love a good photograph here at the Mad House.

navy and gold


Lots of navy, lots of grey and some hints of purple and and a dash of gold. This might announce itself as the new winter collection but I think these colours can work all year round.


Changing the cushions or adding some throws is a quick and easy way to change the look of your room between the seasons and while that might feel like an unbelievably poncy thing to do, it actually does make sense. After all who doesn’t get excited by a newly decorated room?


And after a summer of pale, fresh colours and breezy muslin curtains, isn’t it fun to put the rugs back, change the cushion covers and get ready to hunker down for winter.


I say this, clearly I haven’t done it. Although this year I just might. No really. I totally believe it’s a good idea, it’s just more of a do as I say not as I do scenario.


The round cushions are £26 rising to £195 for a square pouf – that one you might want to keep out all year round. The embroidered cushions are £32.50.

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