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New Store Discovery: LOVEThESIGN.com

7th April 2015
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There is literally nothing I like more than fantasy shopping. Oh no wait, real shopping obv…but closely followed by a bit of budgetwotbudget pretend stuff. And on that basis let me introduce you to LOVEThESIGN.com, an Italian company that has just opened a UK site. Their motto, by the way, is Be Cool Stay Home, something I have been advocating for years.

There are lots of products that I hadn’t seen before (as well as some I had but that’s a good comparison marker) and I spent a happy hour fantasy furnishing the yet-to-be-built loft. As the desk will be built in all along one wall under the (possible) Crittal windows, there was no need to look at desks.

Instead, I focused on the seating area, which must also be a sleeping area, as this room will double up as an occasional spareroom. For that reason I chose this sofa bed, which, at 130cm is technically just shy of a double and these two white leather armchairs. Yes I know but I must be allowed one space where practicality isn’t always top of the list.

This stool with a seat that flips to become a tray table is perfect for this room. See, I can do practical. And I love the shelves at the top. The white ones are supposed to look like sheets of paper that blew off a pile and would be fantastic floating up the wall by one end of the desk. The other is a memo board that works with weights and gravity and is prettier than a noticeboard.

Finally, I thought we better have a bit of lighting and here are my choices. A wall light that can be adjusted to the right height. A floor lamp that doubles up as a coat rack (I am just ON FIRE with my practical choices today) and a desk lamp with an elegant curve. Since it’s a loft and the head height won’t be enormous we probably won’t bother with pendant lighting at all.

So there we have my dream shopping list…. I’ll let you know how many I end up with…




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