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New Trend: Cacti

25th January 2015
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faux cacti from abigail ahern

Many moons ago when I worked as a reporter on a newspaper covering, well, news, we were always told that two was a coincidence and three was a trend. In other words, you’ll get no space in the paper until you’ve found proof that it’s a real story and not just a random thing you spotted from the bus on the way into the office.

I thought of that last week when I was compiling the househunter post and saw the pictures of stylist Lotta Agaton’s gorgeous home – complete with cactus in the kitchen. Now clearly, as a stylist (and a Swedish one at that) this is a woman who knows a thing or two about trends. But it was a one off and so I ignored it.

abigail ahern faux cacti

Then – build dramatic music slightly  – that other great style maven Abigail Ahern posted a couple of sneak previews of her new faux plant collection. With, yes, cacti. And this, if you remember, comes hot on the heels of her cactus vase from last season.

People, I am a seasoned (read old) reporter and I dismissed this merely coincidence and wandered off to find a biscuit. Until – the music’s really building now –  Holly’s House tweeted a link to some of their new range to be shown at Maison et Objet this weekend and blow me – styled with a cactus.


Well I was forced to dust off the old investigation hat and go on an exploratory expedition around the internet. cacti

And there you have it. It’s official. It’s a trend. And while I mention it those pineapples, which I called as a trend last year are still going strong you know. You can get them at both Holly’s House and Rockett St George, so listen up folks cos I wasn’t wrong about those was I…

You can also find these soft cacti images, pictured above,  in Holly’s House.

Then there was the fabulous collection by Amelie Mancini which I discovered last year at The Future Kept. Sadly, it appears to be so on trend that much of it has sold out there but you can still buy direct from the maker herself. I love that white leather and gold printed pouch.

ameliemanci cacti

And let’s not forget our friends at Rockett St George. We might have known they’d be on it. When I emailed to ask their opinion on cacti I was told that they were photographing the new collection that very afternoon and waiting for stock of faux succulents, which are bit like cacti without the spikes so that counts too.

cactus candles from rockettstgeorge

By the way, for anyone still looking for cool pineapples what about this light from Smallable. I rather love it and fancy it in the kitchen as a bit of ambient lighting. Next to the fruit bowl perhaps… too much?


UPDATE: Here’s a shot from Maison & Objet taken yesterday by Katrina Burroughs of The Sunday Times, of Abigail Ahern’s stand. Get into the cactus groove people…

cactus by abigail ahern


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  • Leigh Owen 25th January 2015 at 11:10 am

    Must be subliminal messages, because I also had a “cacti” moment yesterday, I have pre -inherited (love that word, because my mum has not died yet, lol) a selection of odd glass bowls, goodness knows what my Granny put in them, but I thought, blimey I could plant Cacti in them and display them in the kitchen. This was quickly followed by a memory blast from the past about my best friend who grew cacti, amazing.
    Now I know I am on trend, watch out window sill here I come.

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