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Object of Design: Curved Chest of Drawers

19th February 2019

When I started writing this blog, way back in 2012 – which is about 100 years ago in internet terms – I decided that one of the best ways to guard against giving up was to write every single day. In order to do that I needed a series; something that would give me a reason to write every single day.

vivien 6 drawer dresser from westelm

vivien 6 drawer dresser from westelm

The thing about blogging is that you start full of excitement and ideas and you don’t care who’s reading it – no-one – because it’s all new and thrilling. Then, after about three months, the flow of ideas begins to slow, you look around and realise that it’s mostly only your Mum and the Cat who are reading it and you start to feel slightly depressed by it.

Then, one day, you miss a post. Which you justify because, well no-one’s reading it anyway you say to yourself. And your Mum. And the Cat, who’s not listening either. And then, well because no-one pointed out that you had missed one you missed another. And so six months later the blog lies dusty and unused in the back of the internet drawer where no-one thinks to look.

vivien 6 drawer dresser from westelm

vivien 6 drawer dresser from westelm

I was determined not to fall into this trap. And so I came up with 365 Objects of Design. And I numbered them. So I would have to post every single day come what may. And I did. For two years. Actually the series continued for longer than that but I stopped numbering them as I started writing other things as well.

And, as time went on, it began to feel wrong to be posting so many things that were just about shopping. So I added more how to’s and room inspiration and househunting to the mix. But, every now and then there is just an object of design. A postcard if you like. And this is true today.

vivien 6 drawer dresser from westelm

vivien 6 drawer dresser from westelm

It’s called a dresser. But it’s more like a sideboard. And it’s a great piece for bedroom or dining room alike. And, after last week’s post about painted furniture, you could paint it if it was the wrong colour although that pale ivory shade is bang on trend. As is reeded, or fluted, glass and the doors are a bit like that. And given that you’ve all Marie Kondo’d your drawers, you’ll be needing something fabulous to store all those things that spark joy. So I think this is a rather glamorous piece and I’m showing you today as an object of design. There may be more as I find them.


The Vivien 6-drawer dresser from Westelm £849

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  • Ashley 19th February 2019 at 9:00 pm

    Thank you for this ‘postcard’ of inspiration for today!

  • irene 19th February 2019 at 9:46 am

    This is quite lovely and I have to say I love going back to your old object of design posts when I want to escape for a little while.

  • Linda king 19th February 2019 at 8:00 am

    I used it for a vanity in my new bathroom.

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