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Objects Of Design #116: Happy Stackable Crates

24th June 2012
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Happy when they're full

The issue of children’s storage is a tricky one, not least because searching for the best storage for all their toys and plastic tat is fraught with difficulty to say the least. Now I’m not say that these smiley faces will encourage them to tidy up but they look quite jolly and the colours are good so it’s worth a go. If you label them and make a rough rule that the Lego goes in one, cars in another, dolls in a third, at least all you have to do at the end of the day is line them up with the lids off and hurl things at them. Good for target practice, good for your mood. And if that smiley face starts to annoy then simply turn it round to face the wall.

www.theholdingcompany.co.uk £8.95

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