365 Objects Of Design, In the Clear, Volume II

Objects of Design #316: Hat Tree

11th January 2014
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Ben Fowler's Hat Tree

Ben Fowler’s Hat Tree

Saturday morning. Everyone is still in the house. Everyone’s shoes are piled up in the hall. Along with the school bags (flung there at 4pm yesterday) the coats hanging precariously on the single hook and waiting to fall off as soon as anyone brushes past.

But wait. Look at this. A fully adjustable wall hanging that will take shoes, hats, coats, scarves and even the post. You could hang wet mittens on the tops and bags from the pegs.

Hat tree by ben fowler

buy as many as you need to accommodate everything

Designed by Ben Fowler, of Fowler & Co, it is made from steamed beech that is cold-moulded and then bent to form hooks. Each unit is made from eight strips bent at differing heights. You can fix as many as you can fit.

It won Best Product at the East London Design show in December (2013) and is available from The Futon Company as part of their newly launched Design Masters range.

Hat Tree by Ben Fowler

Buy a single width or as many as you need

Ben said: “The idea came when I was sketching. I saw twigs sticking out of a hedge and thought of branches you might hang your coat on when out gardening and then the concept was refined.

“It’s really useful in places other than the hall – the bathroom for towels and dressing gowns, the bedroom for scarves, belts and ties.”

Personally, I would like to cover an entire wall of No 2 son’s bedroom with one and he could just attach everything that is currently attached to the floor.


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  • aurelia-m 12th January 2014 at 8:06 pm

    Je trouve ce porte manteau superbe. J’aimerais beaucoup avoir le même chez moi 🙂

  • owls house london. 11th January 2014 at 10:29 am

    that is quite the best thing I’ve seen in a long time.. beautiful, functional, clever. a great find! J

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